How To Remove A WordPress Theme and Settings Completely

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We are using the default theme delete option for deleting themes from WordPress Dashboard. Our Theme will be deleted but default settings and widget settings wont be deleted. That settings are add more load on your Database. Just follow this tutorial to checkout how to remove theme settings completely from WordPress.

6 thoughts on “How To Remove A WordPress Theme and Settings Completely

  1. Short way and effective is to activate other theme and go back to the theme you wanted to Delete and click on "Theme details" and you can see a delete at the right side of the window…then delete…there is no need to go to your database and mess around!!

  2. Trying to remove WordPress because whatever I write the theme " it looks like you've already said that " pops up. Then when I search for how to remove WordPress from my site, this phony PACKY video pops up.

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