How to Migrate / Transfer WordPress to a New Host

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In this video, we’ll show you how to move your WordPress site from one host to another in several easy steps. Join our newsletter and receive free tips delivered right to you!

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Just the terms moving a website or moving to a brand-new host seems alien to people with very basic expertise of WordPress. If you fit this costs, after that terms like SQL, DNS, PHP and others is enough to make you wish to quit the task prior to you can even start.
However suppose you actually have to transfer to a brand-new host because your one does not deliver its promises? What if you’re missing out on essential clients since your website loads also slowly as a result of their interior issues?
You absolutely have to move your website to one more host that’s known to be secure, reliable and fast. The best ways to do it without losing your data and make certain a safe change from the…


  1. if you've already pointed your domain to the new host and have the files but not the database backup then you unfortunately only have half the materials you need to complete the mission. What I would do is point your domain back to your old host temporarily, wait for propagation to occur, make the proper back-up and then re-point it to the new host and resume the process.

  2. yeah that's an issue with some hosts, and sometimes you get 404 issues which can be resolved by clicking save changes on the permalinks screen. depends on the host. I've moved lots without requiring either.

  3. I've encountered this problem on some hosts but not always. Last time I saw it, I resolved it by going into the permalinks section and clicking 'savechanges.' Try that and I bet it works.

  4. Please help. I have did everything according to your instruction and manage to move my wordpress to a new host. The problem is all the content pages/posts got error.
    It said ERROR 404 – PAGE NOT FOUND.

    What should I do??

  5. Thanks for a great tutorial. I just want to add that you might have to also edit your database prefix in wp-config.php because most installation scripts now assign a different database table prefix than the default 'wp_', If you don't change the prefix after importing your tables, you will find yourself with only the fresh copy of wordpress with the twentytwelve theme accessible..

  6. Thank you so much. At first, I'm not dare to move my blog to the new hosting. But once I found this video, I feel ready and you never let me down. Clearly explanation, very easy to follow your steps.

    By the way, for those who had edit the permanent link option in wordpress don't forget to upload your .htaccess (this took me quite a while to figure out!)

    Haha thanks again! THUMB UP!

  7. Hi! Thank you for this video! Can you please advice: I was very stupid and did not do a back-up of the wordpress site before it was transferred to a new host. The url is still the same, and I'm still able to access the site vie FileZille to copy the content folder etc. But I'm not able to access the dashboard to install the WP-Backup plugin you talk about in the video. What can I do? Thank you for your time and help!

  8. perhaps. this would be an issue with however your hosting is setup. Some hosts are lame about giving you access to what you have paid for. And some are just lame {cough)1and1{cough)

  9. you may have restored your backup to the wrong table in phpmyadmin. There are usually two databases created when you setup your hosting. You need to pick the one with the right info in it. You should be able to tell by looking at the table names when you enter the database in phpmyadmin. You should see table names similar to what you saw in the walk-through

  10. Hi, Thanks for the great video!

    Everything seemed to go exactly as shown.. (I migrated from hostpapa to dreamhost)

    Just one problem! The Final Step. I'm not seeing the fresh WP install updated at all? If i login to WP admin.. i can see the theme from my site etc. but nothing has taken effect on the site? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  11. yeah it does install a new DB. this is why you want to use the backup you created with the WP DB plugin, as it only backs up the info needed in your db, instead of the db and install settings themselves. When you restore the backup to your new DB, it doesn't overwrite all the settings, only the ones that were backed up with the plugin, so it works perfectly.

  12. yeah, you choose the one with a weird name.
    and yes all I uploaded was the wp-content folder. I did upload everything in it though, including themes folder, plugins folder, uploads folder and any others you have in there.
    Between that folder, and the database info that the plugin backs up, you have everything you need for a site move.

  13. thanks for the compliment Chris. Hope it helped.
    I remember I used to do import/export on posts/pages then re-setup widgets and menus manually. Such a pain. This way is so much easier…

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