How To Make WordPress Theme From Scratch

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This video shows you how to make a wordpress theme from scratch using a Dreamweaver template as the basis.

36 thoughts on “How To Make WordPress Theme From Scratch

  1. Good tutorial, but I wish you would do another one without using Dreamweaver, i.e., truly from scratch. It was helpful that you showed where you were getting code snippets. The WordPress Codex is such dense reading that it's nice to be guided through it a bit. Thanks!

  2. Really nice . This Tutorial helps me a lot. Because till today I used my own responsive themes to make with the help of TemplateToaster software.
    Once again I really thank to you for this video.

  3. It will work but you will have trouble using your editor cause parts are missing…I learned a lot reading the Dreamweaver commentary on their templates..I was doing it wrong with nested this and that. Also helped me do my first .php was great. The video is a bit painful and not very well thought out but worth it if your a noob like me

  4. wpexplorer has blog with the code…well not quite…you can pick the bits out that our man richard is using..its called how to create a wordpress theme from html…then went through and corrected it and further referenced word press codex…still less painful than not having this video. Its a bit hard to see the screen so this helped…

  5. For those who feel difficulty in typing.

    <?php get_header(); ?>
    <?php get_sidebar(); ?>
    <article class="content">

    <?php while(have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>

    <h1> <a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" rel= "booknack"><?php the_title(); ?> </a> </h1>

    <p class="postDetails"> written by: <?php the_author(); ?> </p>
    <p class="thecontent"> <?php the_content('[…]'); ?> </p>
    <p class="theTags"> <?php the_tags('Tags: [',',',']'); ?></p>

    <?php endwhile; ?>

    <!– end .content –></article>

    <?php include("r_sidebar.php"); ?>

    <?php get_footer(); ?>

  6. Finding it helpful so far, but can't see what you have typed for the content loop fix. Can you paste the code you eventually used in the description please?

  7. THANK YOU for a most comprehensive "how-to" for us noob wordpressers!! After making custom static sites for years, I have made my very first CMS site thanks to your tutorial….was stuck on the dang stylesheets for 2 days before I saw your vid!! Two thumbs up, I will watch a few more vids as I go. Cheers mate!!

  8. i do have big big big problem ok i follow all of the step but when i run it on wordpress the header content container was gone the only left was the php coding and its fine i think all div tags don't works?? can you help me with this thanks in advance.

  9. Man are you teaching us how to make our own porn site?!?

     Hummm…great, why not could, make a new revenue stream and be a family project.

    ("Hey, honey! Need some help for this site I am building. Do you mind posing for it? It will make you famous, promise.")

  10. Please work on your teaching style – I couldn't make it to the end. Also, stick with the theme of the tutorial – it was all over the place. Also, the constant googling makes it appear like you have no idea what you are doing. Prepare before you record!

  11. Nice tutorial, it helped me a lot. Please accept some comments that could help you to improve future tutorials:

    – Remember keep focused in the topic, this tutorial was about wordpress themes, it was not about dreamweaver, css, html or php, you should assume that people checkin this already know about that so avoid expend time in details about other topics.

    – Avoid to include the parts when you look for information or fix issues at least it is planned as part of the tutorial.

    -Try to have some Git where the code can be downloaded at the end.

    Finally, thanks again, it really helped me.

  12. well done! thank you – will return to review tomorrow and follow step by step… Maybe this will break my WP frustrations (I keep giving WP second chances but have always abandoning WP and returned to pure HTML/PHP/MySQLi) I'll give it one more chance with your video!

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