How to Make an Ecommerce Website using WordPress & Woocommerce

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Make your own ecommerce (online shop) website using WordPress by following my video tutorial. In this video I take you through setting up a site using The Retailer theme and Woocommerce. The video includes:

Setting up hosting
Installing WordPress
Installing the Theme
Configuring Plugins
Styling the site
Adding products
Creating Pages
Configuring Payment Gateways
…and everything in between!

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23 thoughts on “How to Make an Ecommerce Website using WordPress & Woocommerce

  1. Alex I cannot thank you enough. I had no idea how easy it could be to set up a shop. I've been struggling with html, css and mysql with no luck. Then I found your video, articulate, accurate and easy to follow. My provider has wordpress and I had no idea these things could be done, even a bloody slider. No struggling with jscript. You star. I know I'm from the dark ages, I'm 65 next month and looking for a little extra income and your video has shown me how and easily too. thank you and I've subscribed. :)

  2. hi chris i created slider with help of yours video, when i created 1st tym with 2 slides it executed properly and later when I add 2 more slides after its not working properly why so???? plz help me with this asap.

  3. great tutorial, thanks alot, but i have just one quetion, can we edit product settings so the options match the product? for example i'd like if i choose a yellow shirt in options that the image change for a yellow shirt too. hopfully you will understand my bad english

  4. +chris r – You can create a site on your local computer using something like MAMP. However I find it easier to create you site on the hosting and then make it live rather than moving it etc.. Hope that helps..

  5. Many many thanks Alex for your swift reply with such rich content, CSS coding etc. and I must say that without your tutorials I wouldn't have even dreamed of arriving at where I have with an eCommerce site, big time! Anyway just to let you know that I really appreciate your invaluable assistance both on and beyond YT, amazing job really, down to earth, simple and funny with a wee coffee break now and again :)

  6. Cool video! Although I thought I knew the overview of Woocommerce, the little tips and advice along the way really help make the difference to a clean and effective looking site! Pleased!

  7. Hey, retailer is pretty awesome theme and it is 100% responsiv. I used this theme on my online store site. I like your customization. I will appy your tricks in my site.

  8. Alex, Thank you for producing this excellent video. I knew absolutely nothing about setting up a website. I found your video really useful as it provided a comprehensive step by step guide from start to the end i.e. getting hosting, registering domain, setting up home page, shop pages, categories, cart, check out, shipping, background etc etc including all the technical stuff which was made really easy. You also kindly responded to many emails where I needed support specific to my website which is now ready:   Once again thank you for your videos and the support offered. I highly recommend these to anyone who is looking to set up word press website.

  9. hi again.  loving your work. was wondering if you can take a look at something for me.  I created a site following your tutorial which was great.  I went away for 3 weeks came back now my products are not showing when clicked. im getting 404 error page does not exist. but it ways published on all my products.  my site is   any helpmon this will help me out massively as I build this for a group im in.

  10. Hi,  this is been a great help for me as i have always wanted to learn how to build a website.  i'm having a problem tho.  On the about page i insert a title block.  but it wont allow me to change the colours of title or sub.  Any idea how i can fix this ??  thanks  and keep up the great work.

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