How To Make A WordPress Website With E-Commerce (Genesis Outreach Pro)

Video is ready, Click Here to View × In this WordPress tutorial, learn how to create a custom e-commerce website and online store using the professional Genesis Framework, WordPress & WooCommerce e-commerce plugin.

This website is AMAZING: if you want a professional e-commerce website on a startup budget, this video is for you. Learn step-by-step, no coding experience required. This WordPress tutorial is for beginners.

The theme I’m using in this video is Genesis “Outreach Pro” for WordPress. This is a versatile theme that can be used for both a nonprofit and business website, as well as for an e-commerce website. If you need a theme that organizes and presents info well, this is a fantastic theme.


The Genesis Framework by StudioPress is used by leading bloggers, media producers, developers, and content marketers across the web. Genesis features state-of-the-art code that is optimized for search engines and recognized for increasing speed of websites (thanks to its clean code). Also,…

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  1. Hi Katrinah, just discovered your channel, and subscribed 🙂 I noticed when signing up for Hostgator, you removed the Site Backup & Sitelock options. You said you are using widgets that do this for free. Do you talk about this anywhere, I would appreciate this info. Thanks1

  2. Great job with your with your video
    Do you have a video or list about page plugin also a plugin for comment on a separate page I would like to have a page where people can post and read comment , Also do you have any videos on the buttons for the next page is that a separate plugin
    thanks for your help

  3. Hi Katrinah, that was a fantastic tutorial, and I have followed it to the letter and built my own store following your step by step approach. I have learnt so much, especially the CSS element, and styling my site. Thanks so much for taking the time to make your videos, they are a fantastic resource.

  4. Hi excellent video Thanks – do I use the themify child theme plugin to add custom css, your linked video has left me a bit confused. Plus Im watching this video for general tips on WooComerce and Genesis working together, I'm going to buy 'Atmosphere Pro' will that need the 'Genesis Connect for WooCommerce' plugin as its not a native ecommerce theme.

  5. Hello katrinah, I have already viewed a lot of video from your channel and i think its very helpful who are learning wordpress. but in this video i have a problem. I can't download genesis framework and outreach pro child theme because i have not enough money to to buy these. can you give me those theme and framework and theme??? It will be very helpful if you give it to me.

  6. this doesn't work with woo commerce? this is a serious problem. 
    also, i'm supposed to get two themes: outreach pro AND genesis? do they work together? i don't get it. 
    i know this sounds a bit sour, but this seems like a major setback, an expensive setback.

  7. Hello Katrinah, Thanks alot for taking out time to compile those videos, but in your video "Create An Online Store with WordPress & Genesis 2014 | Create A Website | Beginners Tutorial" I didnt get the explaination on how you created the home bottom widgets? please is there a phone number i can reach u on so i can explain better on phone, am in Nigeria, I also sent you an email but yet to get a response

  8. Hi Katrinah, Great videos on how to create websites…
    I have followed your instruktions to where I have to make a style.css file of the child theme outreach-pro. But I cant see that there is a header.php file in this theme?? 
    There is already a Template this is what it looks like…
    At the bottom you have said to connect the theme I have to write ….                @import url('../outreach-pro/style.css');  ……. is that right??

    Theme Name: Outreach Pro
    Theme URI:
    Description: A mobile responsive and HTML5 theme built for the Genesis Framework.
    Author: StudioPress
    Author URI:
    Version: 3.1

    Tags: black, green, white, one-column, two-columns, three-columns, left-sidebar, right-sidebar, responsive-layout, custom-menu, full-width-template, rtl-language-support, sticky-post, theme-options, threaded-comments, translation-ready, premise-landing-page

    Template: genesis
    Template Version: 2.1

    License: GPL-2.0+
    License URI:

    I hope to get an answer from you as soon as possible.

    Thank you 

  9. This is the first time ever I'm writing a comment and that is because your work is just amazing!!! Thank you for taking the time and effort to make all those very clear videos.
    I've set up my ecommerce site following your instructions.. therefore I have a big problem and can't find answer so I am reaching out to you or anyone who would have an answer for me

    When I am on my product page to add a product, I can't upload my product image because the option is just not there, on the right side I have
    product category
    product tag
    featured image
    and product gallery

     how can I get this to appear so that I can upload images PlS.. I've looked everywhere and found that old post,

    tried to find the php code to change it, looked everywhere but didn't I finally upload it anyway to my theme_php.. still don,t work

    I can upload feature image and photo gallery.. but no product image so my page looks like this:

  10. Which of your tutorials do you think would be best for creating a website that automatically emails people with videos once they buy? Like I'm making a workout plan to help people get in shape, but I don't know how to sell it online

  11. Hi Katrinah, Thank you for the tutorial. It's been very helpful to a new WP and Genesis user like me. Can you help me with where I may find guidance to customize the Genesis Child theme? The video suggested in this tutorial looks to be unusable now (How to safely customize your Genesis child theme). Many thanks!

  12. Hello
    Is there a way to have background music play automatically on a website. I would like to have 3 to 4 songs on the site and play when people go on the site. Thanks

  13. Hi Katrinah,
    When you taught how to 'Inspect Element' and customize the CSS a whole new level of understanding opened up!!! So excited & love watching & following along with your videos. My current e-commerce site wouldn't be where it is today if it weren't for you! I am almost at the end of the video & have just searched for the Woocommerce Product Archive Customizer, but am not finding it. Any ideas if the name could have changed? Thanks for everything you share for free on YouTube. You are truly a life saver! Bless you and your business.

  14. Cue the dumb question! I have just watched your Twenty Fourteen website installation guide and love how easy you made it. Thank you. So my question is this: I would like to monetize it. Do you have a video for that scenario? Cheers.

  15. Wow! You're good you….I'm wondering if you can make a video about starting a niche specific Amazon associate site that I'd be able to also include my own products on. This way I can associate my company with Amazon, gaining trust, while getting commissions from Amazon from those who don't trust anyone who isn't Amazon?

  16. I saw a page on the internet that I thought would be a challenge to try but realised quickly how hard it is. Its a hobby site that sells RC Cars, Planes and Helicopters. and on the left sidebar it has all the categories for each RC Type (Car, Plane, Helicopter), and then has things like size, Nitro, electric, accessories and so forth for each RC Type (Car, Plane, Helicopter). Can you give me an idea of how this is done in wordpress and woo commerce?

  17.  Genesis is one of the best e-commerce theme. It is known for its easy customization ability. I ran my e-commerce site using genesis. I find some unknown feature from your video

  18. Great video Katrina. Thanks for the hard work!

    We need to create a website that is both a company site (company, about, blog, product information, gallery, etc.) and an e-commerce site. We are the company, brand and store — we aren't just an e-commerce site selling other manufacturer's products.

    Which theme or framework would you recommend?

    Woocommerce Virtue"
    Studio Press Genesis framework?
    Something else?

    If you recommend Genesis framework, which child theme do you like? We want a modern look-and-feel with lots of white space, fullscreen sliders and horizontal sections, large rollover icons, big fonts.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

  19. By any means I didn't said that I really don't appreciate your time and help….thank you so much for being so given with us…. "…the rest of the people that doesn't now what is going on…"

  20. Hi Katrinah! I find your tutorial so helpful and insightful as I am learning how to make a website from -1.

    As I come to the Contact Form7 in following through this tutorial, I actually don't get the exact results of the plugin as what the tutorial shows. I am led to the plugin page that suggests some donation and some links on getting started.

    It there any alternative to this? or does this suggest that you need to make a donation for you to get the actual plugin?

    Would love to hear from you asap. Thanks! 

  21. Hi +77webstudio I'm at the point were I am starting to add pages  for woocommerce to my site but every time i do it comes up with cart-2. I can only assume that there is a page called cart, shop, checkout already but i cant call/select them in the in the woocommerce settings.
     Btw I am using customizr theme, I guess the setup for woo commerce is going to be a little different. There isnt a customizr/woocommerce integrator like there is for genesis/woocomerce?

  22. Hi Katrinah, I really like your tutorials! One question, could you please post a link to the tutorial you mentioned in here on how to create a "child theme"? Not too clear on the whole "child theme" thing and I was not successful in finding the video that explains it. Thanks!

  23. Thank you thank you so much for this informative video I learn a lot from your videos. All your videos are easy to understand and easy to execute. If you have video regarding Matrimonial  Please upload

    Once again Thank you So Much

  24. I'm trying to create a menu in wordpress. There are usually a list of pages to chose from under the "view all" tab (such as blog, contact, about etc). These options are not appearing under the view all tab. Any idea as to why or how I can add a page without those options?

  25. Hi katrina .I want to think you for your efforts,U really doing a great job
    Just if you can help me .I want to make a page in the website where the custmer can make an (annonce or  Ad) for his product(price,image,categorie…), and also his information in order to aware the seller if he want to contact theme about his (number Phone,name,city,email….),please help me as you can

  26. Anyone else having trouble with the Genesis slider? Even when I use the same dimensions in this video and put a picture with the exact same dimensions, it does not fill up the entire width of the page. Instead it has a dark grey block on both sides and the slider in the middle of them. Any tips on fixing this problem? I've tried fixing it for the last hour or so with no luck 🙁 

  27. HI Katrina,  Thank you so much for these videos!!   I have a question.  I'm following your video and creating my genesis word press website.  However, I'm not sure how to make the images 1140 px x 445 pixels for the slider.  Can you help me out with this?? I appreciate your work and all you do!!

  28. Hi Katrina,
    Greetings form Bonaire (caribbean)
    I'm glad I found your tutorial. For years I've been dreaming to have my own online business. Can you give a tutorial about affiliate links? I want to do a word press website with one page. On that one page with lots of store affiliate links. Like a shopping mall affiliate links. Can you show  me how to do it? Thank you

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