How To Make A WordPress Website In 1+ Hours: ZERO TO SITE

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Learn step-by-step how to make a BEAUTIFUL magazine-style website for LESS THAN $25. No coding experience required, this advanced WordPress training will guide you from zero to a professional website.

We will be using the free Twenty Fourteen theme that comes with installation of WordPress 3.8. Twenty Fourteen is a responsive, magazine-style, modern theme that will look gorgeous on mobile devices and on larger screen sizes like desktops and laptops.


00:00:00 Overview of the Twenty Fourteen Theme
00:07:29 The 4 Things Needed To Create This Website
00:08:50 The 3 Steps To Create This Website
00:09:10 Step 1: Getting the domain name & web hosting
00:18:37 Log-in to your WordPress website
00:19:19 The Dashboard
00:20:23 What’s new in WordPress 3.8?
00:21:11 How to change the color of the Dashboard
00:22:24 How to Change the theme


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36 thoughts on “How To Make A WordPress Website In 1+ Hours: ZERO TO SITE

  1. Thank you !! you are amazing teacher !! I giving you A-1 in two days watching you multiple videos I fix a lot issues I had also
    my provider and the company who maintain my site they billing per month for SEO I discover they were using a pluck in for SEO
    also they never install a security pluck in and I was getting 3-4 virus a year also they never back up my site Once again a BIG THANK YOU TO YOU now I can manage my site my self and follow all the videos you have on line.
    Cheers and Happy New Year Bill.

  2. Hi Katrinah! First of all, great tutorial, I really like the theme, and all the features, plus you explained it really well. My question is if there is a possibility to some how modify the number of posts I can have on the grid 6 posts section, I would like to have several rows of posts that cover the entire front page instead of just 6 . Thank you for your help!

  3. Please help! Why is it that when I click on the featured image on the homepage on a featured content post it's an empty page and doesn't lead me to the text I've posted? This has been driving me insane for about two weeks now if anyone can explain how to fix this I'd appreciate it a lot.

  4. I love this video I find it very helpful. However, I'm having a problem with loading video….when try to post the video….only the link shows up. I can see it in editor but I can't see it when I view post. I've had to leave off video when it would make the blog post better. So I have no video on my blog. Any help anyone who has this theme?

  5. Hi,katrinah gating I have one simple question to you, If I have one website create other system don,t make with WordPress. Now I want to edit with wordpress can you tell me that system thank you …

  6. Thank You! This video was shared with me by a forum contributor. I needed help making one of my websites look better….I am using Twenty Fourteen as well …I have had empty black space on the home page just below the nav bar…And I think I am going to try that social icon plugin too…I am tired of the one I have…Voted up :)

  7. Hi Katrina. You publish a really great and very useful lessons. Thanks a lot. A very good job. In this lesson I have followed you step by step but I have a small problem with appearance of 6 blog posts at the top: not only titles are shown under the pictures but category too between picture and title. How to remove showing of categories and stay only with pictures and titles as in your example? Thank you.

  8. I am having some trouble getting the grid thumbnails to appear on my website  even if i switch from slider and grid layout. Do you have any idea how i could go about fixing this?

  9. You're the first woman that spoke this much to me without me wanting to go away 😛 Your video is very educational and indeed informative. Thank you for helping us out. 
    God bless you.

  10. I chose the "Zuki" theme for $24. However, it appears in order to get the results I want, including a better understanding of setting up my website, I must pay more money. This is the 2nd time I've tried Zuki, cancelled out of frustration 2-weeks into the original purchase. I'm about to cancel again… lack of support is astounding. Thinking I should cancel again and practice with a free theme… regardless of how much I believe the Zuki is closest to what I'm attempting to accomplish.

  11. +77webstudio im still using the 2014 theme in 2015 cause its awesome! anyway i was trying to see for the CONTENT SIDEBAR is it anyway that you can have the post just there than showing up where the regular post be at? like if i just want a video,gallery,audio post in the content section and not showing on my post timeline at the same time is it possible?

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