How To Make a WordPress Website – 2016

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Learn how to create a WordPress website step by step with no step skipped. Be amazed at what you can do, I will be here to guide you on creating your website at each step.

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00:00:00 – Introduction
00:12:03 – Domain Name & Hosting
00:23:59 – Install WordPress
00:30:05 – Login To WordPress
00:33:33 – Change Your Password
00:34:45 – Update WordPress
00:35:49 – Delete Plugins
00:37:05 – Theme Overview & Installation
00:41:58 – Delete Pages
00:43:19 – Add Pages
00:56:04 – Rearrange Menu
00:59:50 – Site Title & Tagline
01:03:14 – Create a Logo
01:10:47 – Edit Header
01:15:18 – Edit Footer
01:18:24 – Change Background
01:19:28 – Understanding Plugins
01:22:16 – Install Beaver Builder
01:25:00 – Create Home Page
01:52:46 – Create About Page
02:18:13 – Create Services Page
02:35:11 – Create Contact Page
02:46:19 – Make Mobile Friendly
03:00:53 – Social Media…

22 thoughts on “How To Make a WordPress Website – 2016

  1. Hi Tyler,
    I've been using Tesseract and now Tesseract 2 with no problems until recently. On my new sites Contact Form 7 puts radio buttons and checkboxes in a vertical position with the checkbox/button above the text. Do you have a knowledge base or any ideas? Cheers!

  2. +Tyler Moore Hi, I've got a constructive suggestion. How about creating a survey and/or questionnaire using Google Forms, and you can contact people on your email list from Tyler com. Or you can remind people to return to a lesson by email. Who knows. I know these are wild hair suggestions, however, after the Google smack-down my website received after Panda I made a promise not to rely on search engines or social media places. P.S. Thanks for the video, I gave up websites back in 2011 due to the fact I only knew how to hand code HTML that looked like something from the 90's.

  3. Hi Tyler great work as usual. i have pretty much made my 1st updated website plain as it is following this Video so thanks.
    One problem i have not been able to resolve is -you show editing text and up comes a menu bar in your videos obviosly enabling you to change fonts etc yet l god I can add text but only get a very basic menu bar enabling only bold italics center para etc No fonts No text sizing etc.

    What have I missed?? please help as Im going nuts trying to work it out :{

  4. My current website has been created by someone else for me and i want to change the theme. If i install a new theme on wordpress, will the old theme and all its content be wiped out? Can i play around with a new theme until i am satisfied with the layout before switching my website from the old to new theme? Thanks in advance!

  5. Thank you for ALL your videos. I have used your help for a few years. I have just begun to create a new website using your Tesseract 2. I have had a weird problem occur. I have created my menus. Then they disappeared. It seems like they are "there" according to both my dashboard and the customization parts of the site construction. But they aren't (or weren't) on the actual page. I found a plugin to reset everything and tried again, step-by-step. And it all worked for about a minute: It was there and then disappeared. any ideas? I'm a little nervous to go further without getting this straightened out. But I am. thanks. Jim

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