How to Make a Website – WordPress Business Setup

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We show you how to setup a $3,000 website – for virtually nothing. Plus we teach you how you can manage everything yourself.
Get this awesome website off the ground and running, as quickly as possible! The finished demo:

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0:00:51 – Live Demos – Desktop and Mobile!
0:03:40 – Overview / Famous WordPress Users
0:06:11 – Your Own .com and Hosting
0:15:53 – Next Steps –

Sit back and relax!

0:18:21 – Website Delivered
0:19:49 – Login to WordPress
0:20:48 – Change Password / Personalisation
0:23:03 – Adding/Making a Logo
0:29:04 – Homepage Image Slider
0:33:58 – Homepage Setup and Customization
0:58:30 – Lovely…

20 thoughts on “How to Make a Website – WordPress Business Setup

  1. Hi emedia,i want to ask, if i want develop website first without domain n hosting can or not..thats mean i develop website first using wordpress , domain n hosting i do it later can or not ?

  2. It's my first time to build a website.I thought it's a hard mission, but with your help and your amazing tutorials it looks super professional website now.
    Thank you for everything , you made my life easier.

  3. I absolutely love your videos. I've been following your tutorials and learnt so much to make an amazing and professionally looking website. The best part of it, is that I have no programming skills at all, and was able to do it on my own following your videos. Thank you so much for doing such a great job!!
    I got some questions while configuring my page, and I think they can be useful for more people doing the same thing:
    · Is it possible to change font in page text and titles?
    · Can I add an image to the page without having borders? When I upload an transparent background image, I can see a light grey border around it.
    · Is it possible to add an URL to a circle icon without adding More Text? I want to have just a clickable circle icon with title.
    · What widget do you use to have a slideshow within gallery?
    · Acurax Social Media widget does not have instagram. Could you recommend any other with instagram?
    Thank you!

  4. Hello eMediaCoach team, can you pls help me with this query – how do I move the Vantage Headline widget to be placed above the Meta slider? I want the order to be (top – bottom order): Menu >> Vantage Headline widget >> Meta Slider >> Circle icons

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