How To Make $100/hr as Freelance Software Developer

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Software Developers can make $100 per hour freelancing. Watch this video to learn how!

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  1. Check out the option of being a Web Developer too. I used to work in the industry years ago and made good money. Now I just work on my website and Internet marketing.

  2. I've been having a hard time with it actually; I started off doing "The Complete Web Developer Course" on, and then trying to work freelance on I got 3 jobs (5 stars) and then after that no one would hire me because I was a novice. I talked to some people and they said I was spread too thin; and they told me to pick one language and master it. So, I started the "Learn to Code by Making Games" course, and I've created 4 video games so far using C#. I feel like I need guidance, but there is no one in my area where I could get that from. Teaching myself online has been a very slow process, and I've been at it for 6 months now.

  3. Yep I'm doing this. I went to college for 5 years, had multiple internships, worked at a startup for 2 years, and then FINALLY realized I could have been making 100/hour almost this whole time.

  4. Hi, great video, it's actually motivating, thanks for what you're bringing to everyone.
    I do have a question for you if you don't mind, I want to have a developper career, I have ambition for different fields, desktop and mobile development, what would you advice me to learn first, and how would I start making money as fast as possible ?
    I'd really appreciate your answer.

  5. Thanks man.. I've been having ups and downs with my confidence. It's really taken an emotional toll on me because I want to quit college but it's very shameful. I want to become a great developer, I want to learn the ropes on my own and explore my own interests. But your video boosted my confidence, I was feeling really blue today. Thank you.

  6. thanks for supporting new developers… New developers alwasy be in hard rush to be a professional and make money as fast as they can… I was the One.

  7. I started with Visual Basic, and then moved to the .net series, and then started programming hardware. If you can build hardware and program it, you can create some nifty products. I posted a project on kickstarter and sold out in a couple days.

  8. Well it is not that romantic. Yes 100/hr is possible, but more like 3-5 years. The first three years are very slow learning for people because for most getting started is the hardest thing, not knowing exactly what to learn, where to learn it, and how to learn it. But I see a lot of time in the 2-3 year period a determined software developer usually experiences some sort of breakthrough where he knows exactly what to learn, knows where to get it, and how to do it exactly, and it becomes sort of a cruise control from there. But yea it's very very optimistic to think you can do it in 6 months, but hey, if you can do it good job, it's just very unlikely. 

    I say if you if you really really want to be a developer (it's not an easy path), it is highly unproductive for you think of how much money you will make in 6 months. You'll need a lot more motivation than that. You've gotta think long term, 5-10 years. Some people may be able to hack their way in a career in a short time but you'd just be scamming your way into it. Focus on creating real value for yourself, and that only comes from years and years of developing your craft.

  9. I've been a system admin for government contractor for 3 years. I down loaded visual studios 2010 because i want to learn how to program with c#. How can i start to make money on the weekend. Using my new skills

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