How to install MAMP and WordPress

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Tutorial on how to install and configure MAMP and a local copy of WordPress for development.

The first in a series of tutorials for my Harvard GSD jTerm course “Putting Yourself Online.”


Windows webserver tutorial:
WordPress –

installing multiple blogs on a single database:

21 thoughts on “How to install MAMP and WordPress

  1. Great tutorial! MAMP also makes a version for Windows, so I used that on my PC.  The only thing I had to do differently was to enter localhost rather than localhost:8888, as he describes at about 7:47.

  2. After I install wordpress and go to localhost:8888 and click on the link shown under "index of" I am getting a file that my computer downloads and not the "create configuration file" as show in your video. Could you please shed some light on what is going wrong? Thank you! 

  3. Brilliant tutorial ! ! ! 
    I seriously think WordPress should link this tutorial for anyone trying to understand how to use MAMP.
    I spent all afternoon, yesterday, trying to follow other tutorials and the description on the WordPress website but couldn't get  MAMP to work with WordPress.

  4. Thank you so much! I spent hours trying to figure out what was wrong with my install and configuration of MAMP and WordPress. After trying numerous tutorials I found on the web which did not work for me, I watched your video and carefully checked everything step by step. I found my mistake and now it's running! 🙂 THANKS!

  5. I work as a web developer and I just made a series of video tutorials for wordpress. It definitely is the most complete wordpress training ever created. You can watch a sneak peek from this course on my channel 

  6. EXCELLENT! Thank you. I have been sitting here for two days looking at various videos on how to do this and they all left me still scratching my head. Finally – it's done and all thanks to your wonderful video. Just the right speed – not too fast not too slow and remembering that more than likely the people watching this are clueless and so patience is the key.

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