How to get accepted into the Disney College Program

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Tips and Tricks on how to get into the Disney College Program. Advice on the Application, Web Based Interview, and Phone Interview.
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  1. I'm 21. (this might be a lame question lolz) There isn't a age limit is there? I went to a Disney advertisement meeting with my graphics program at school and now I want to work there so bad!!! A friend applied and got in and now I MUST apply.

  2. I'm so nervous after the first part of that now…I put no interest for a couple…but only because I can't swim well enough to feel confident being a life guard XD I'm so nervous for my phone interview in 2 weeks but Disney is where I want to work as a career in the future (I am a music business major with a business minor) so let's hope this goes well!

  3. would it be a good idea to apply right away even though I haven't had much of a chance to research? the applications for fall 2016 just opened and I want to do it  but I haven't prepared much (just learned about the program) should I wait for the spring?

  4. I applied , waiting to hear if i make it to the web interview . I hope I didn't mess up by clicking the things that interested me :/ I clicked 5 things and put high . I thought that was how you we're suppose to do it

  5. Hello! As said before, this is the BEST video for all things DCP! I'm planning on applying this February and am sure I have what it takes to be a great Disney Cast member!(and I aspire to become a Disney imagineer later in life)! Anyways, I have never had any work experience! Do you think this would be much of an issue? What would you recommend? Thank you!

  6. ahhhhh i should have seen this before i had my DCP interview … now i don't feel so confident

    i never asked anything after the interview Q_Q do you think that will cost me the trip

  7. How long is the DCP that starts in the beginning of the year? I want to apply soon for January 2016 but I was wondering when the program ends since I have my brother's graduation & graduation trip in June. Thanks!

  8. I just want to say that I appreciate your wall art that says "Be still and know that I am God. 🙂 Also, I am wanting to apply for this program. Can you do this program more than once?

  9. Thanks a lot +Beth Gomez for your video, I get more informations 🙂
    I 'm from Morocco , I was appling for the Application in the midle of April this year , it maybe 7 days later, they called me asking me some questions( like where I work and if I study …), almost 26 days after contact me, they sent me a message via e-mail, they told me not selected , and I apply again for "the Morocco Cultural Representative Program" , is 26 days but no call 
    thank you again

  10. I really hopes this helps me! 🙁 I'm going into my last semester so this is my last chance. SO much is riding on this and I'm so scared they'll reject me again…I've tried twice already and i don't know what went wrong!

  11. Soo, where exactly did you go to college during the program, where did you attend classes at ? Did Disney have their own building/college or a separate building/college that Disney simply was affiliated with ?

  12. this might sound like a very dumb question, but how does DCP interfere with regular college? Do you work after your regular college classes, or do not go to regular college at all during the program?

  13. Hey, I'm studying Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design in Australia at the moment, my final year, I found a program that can help foreign students get sponsorship in america to work for certain companies for 12 months, one of them on the list was Disney, so I was wondering if you know what they expect for graphic design interns at Disney? portfolio's/certificates, etc? do they even need graphic designers? i saw other videos where it was an intern who did photography/video/media based work for Disney at the college program.. I ask because maybe you knew someone there who did graphic design? 🙂 sorry if my question is confusing 

  14. I applied for Fall 2015 and made it all the way to the phone interview but didn't get accepted so I applied for spring on the first day the applications opened and I just got an email that I was no longer in consideration with out even getting my web based interview. Is it possible that if I have been denied before that they will just keep denying me? I have taken in consideration about the first day applicants and how there can be glitches but i'm just wondering.

  15. The thing about not applying the first day isn't very accurate. The volume of people isn't going to affect who receives a WBI. WBI aren't assigned randomly, that's a huge misconception that runs rampant on the facebook pages, and neither is the pass/fail of it random. A lot of people who never get out of submission like to whine and blame Disney for being unfair without looking at themselves and what they can change to make their application more appealing/fitting Disney criteria (an obsession for Disney isn't a good reason to be hired).
    Other than the WBI thing, good tips overall. 

  16. I did the phone interview, and I want to know what did they mean by " be checking your disneyinyership profile often ", I'm super nervous its my first time doing this so I really dont know if I got accepted or not 

  17. Hi if i want sign up around spring 2016 when is the best time to apply. and why every time i go to the apply now link on the website it always says no jobs available? 

  18. This is one of the best Disney College program videos of ever seen! I've been doing a lot of research because I'm extremely interested in participating in DC P and you had a lot of great advice. You are definitely not making it out to be bigger than it is, you are simply taking the application process seriously and preparing in an efficient in orderly fashion. You definitely helped me prepare for my application process! You keep doing your thing, girl! :)

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