How to Create Custom Navigation Menus in WordPress

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In this specific video you’re going to learn how to customize the top navigation menus.

So as you can see here, we’re going to talk about how to customize this, and you can use this same method to customize the custom menus for the widgets and so forth.
So we’re going to talk about customization of menus.

To customize menus you can go over to the “Appearance” section and click on “Menus” and currently there are no menus, so I’m going to create a new menu by calling this “Default”.

Click on “Create Menu” and over here it says “Theme Locations” it says “your theme supports one menu, select which menu you want to use”.

So you can have several different menus if you want, however in this case, we’re going to choose the default which we just created as the new menu.

And click on “Save” we’re going to scroll down and “Custom Links” basically allowing you to add a link.

So let’s say for example that I want to add a menu…

3 thoughts on “How to Create Custom Navigation Menus in WordPress

  1. I'm curious – what theme are you using? I am trying to create the 3rd level of my menus but it's not 'sticking' — I am trying to do what you did when you had Contact Us as parent then Page Creation as child and Page Creation 2 as a child of Page Creation. I believe my company's site is based on Twenty Ten.

    thanks for the video…

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