How To Create A WordPress Website (Zerif Lite One-Page Website For Your Personal Brand) 2016

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Learn how to create a WordPress website and build your personal brand online with a simple one-page website – for less than $25.

In this tutorial, we’ll create a one-page website that features the essential elements you need to establish yourself online as an expert in your niche.

A one-page website is designed to focus on one thing – your personal brand, your app, your product or your expertise. The minimalist design of a one-page website keeps your visitors engaged and provides a fluid user experience. Both of these things are helpful when it comes to getting more sales and conversions.

Looking for a new job? A one-page website can help you highlight your background and skills in a way that a resume alone cannot. Create a one page website to tell your professional story.

Are you a freelancer on Upwork, Elance or A one-page website can help you establish credibility and stand out from the crowd — which can help you get more gigs and opportunties.

Or, want to…

42 thoughts on “How To Create A WordPress Website (Zerif Lite One-Page Website For Your Personal Brand) 2016

  1. Hello Katrinah!
    I got a blank page! Lost my mind, tried other themes, still blank pages. I flushed the cache by going to the "Go Daddy" icon up top. I removed all of the plugins. Still, blank pages. Finally I selected one of the other themes, selected clear cache, signed out, signed back in, reinstalled Zerif, read the instructions, and realized there is a change during the setup process. The theme asks for the user to go to Settings>Reading>select "Your latest posts". Back in business! Thank you for creating this video! Your'e awesome!!!!

  2. Very nice katrinah. I have built two websites using your expert guidance and I thank you for always getting back to me when I have a quick question. Nowadays, a professional is a rare and valuable thing.

  3. This was the best zerif tutorial i've seen so far. i modified the css through the editor function under appearance and I hope that "sticks" when version updates come along, otherwise I'll download the jet pack (seemed like too much since I already have disqus comment installed). Also, I made a mistake by some how removing the Footer Content contact section icons (with the teardrop, envelope and phone for the contact functions). This section wasn't very editable, I guess I could modify the footer widgets and create my own icons. How do I get those icons back?

  4. Hello Katrinah.. thank you for all your videos. Very helpful . In this particular one i am setting up a website and having trouble with a Contact Form section. I cant receive emails. Is there anyway you can direct me to a section that i need to look at or mamy you have a video tutorial for that. Thank you

  5. What a great tutorial! I learn all I need to know about using Zerif Life. I was trying to use support, but you are much better! Thanks for the great job.

  6. Hey thanks for a great tutorial. I got one suggestion on the video though.. I keep coming back to it trying to find the parts that I'm working on. But its so hard since theres no time stamps. If you or anybody with some extra time could put up timestamps that'd be great!

  7. Hi Katrinah,

    Love this tut. Couple of questions for you…

    1) Is it possible to add an opt-in in any of the sections to capture leads? Or at the very least, add a button (html) linked to a pop-up lead box?

    2) Under the "Latest News" section, what if I have written more than 4 blog posts? How can one access, let's say the 5th or the 38th post? I assume that there is a carousel option, right?

    3) Is there a way to add other social media icons such as Instagram or Youtube at the bottom?


  8. Many Many thanks Katrinah for your beautiful presentation (tutorial) .. by just following you i designed a site .its an online radio station website .. its still in process.. i added sumo me social sharing plugin to the site here comes the problem when ever i share if from home page—- {Telangana radio – coming soon
    if you are the owner and finished building the site you can click the link in the banner of the administration panel to disable it} will you please help in solving this problem ..

  9. Hi Katrinah – 2 questions
    1) I have an exisiting site but pay too much to host plus I want to make it a onepager and think ( is the place to go. Can I create the wordpress site before I transfer the hosting company (I want to use hostgator). If so, how because my option for free is a (can I set up here for free, get all the bugs and prettiness created before tansfering)?

    2)with wordpress do you know if I can add a Like Box onto the one-page site? I love the feature of the LIKE Box.

    Thanks for your info.

  10. Thankyou Katrinah for this incredibly helpful video. As a wordpress newbie it is invaluable but I do have one question I've had trouble resolving. In the latest news/blog section where you add a post, my version (lite) is not showing the ''excerpt" option at all…meaning each blog post is showing up on the title page of latest news instead of just the heading and image. I hope that makes sense. Is there anyway to show the excerpts bit so I can edit it? It is completely missing. There is the text box then a little section called sharing, then nothing. It looks different to your page. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Deb PS My text tab doesn't show the html code either, just the text in a different font to the visual tab. ??? I only started building the site in the last week so I'm assuming its the latest version. Thanks again.

  11. Firstly, Thank you Katrinal very much. I am considering to create a website and use Zerif Lite One-Page theme. But I do not know if I could creat a shop page (woocommerce plugin) on this theme. Thank you,

  12. Hi Katrina, I am Budiono from Indonesia
    Thank you for sharing this video, it's really help me to improve my website

    I still having a question, for hiding the zerif lite copy right
    I am using the child theme, when I am using google crhome to inspect the element, but there is no code pointing to the copy right box at the bottom.

    Appreciate very much for your help

  13. Katrinah, another awesome tutorial!!!! Been a fan since your Customizr tutorial! Thanks so very much for all you do.Question: I'd love to change a few of the Zerif's colors, particularly the ribbons and testimonial, but not sure how. Is it possible without having to upgrade? I went into the inspect element and changed the color, but when I refreshed everything reverted. If you have a min to respond, I'd be so very grateful, as I'm trying to stick with my branding colors. TIA!

  14. Hey Katrinah, many many thanks to you for providing us such an amazing step by step guide for creating a website specially for beginners like me. Further, i would like to know something more from you. I am creating a car pooling website using your videos and i got stuck at a must have thing in my website. I want to add a predictive cities name search box on my site where users will be able to type their pickup location. Can you please help me on this without coding? I'll be very thankful to you

  15. Always love hearing from your. I have ventured way behind my comfort zone and built a few websites following your tutorials. Way to go!!!
    BTW…. I ordered and listened to the book "Do the work." Short and to the point. Keep up the great work. Danny

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