How to Create a WordPress eCommerce Store with WooCommerce Part 1

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This is a video on how to setup WordPress and WooCommerce and Canvas Theme for eCommerce.

The coupon code for the free Canvas theme is below this description.

If you already have WordPress setup or know how to setup WordPress, the second half of this video on the WooCommerce and Canvas theme setup and configuration is also its own video and you may wish to view it instead here:

This is the first video in a series that will be posted weekly to build a eCommerce site with WordPress and WooCommerce. The Canvas theme used in this video will be provided to you free of charge so you can follow along. See the coupon code information below.

What we will do:

• Manually setup WordPress on with cPanel (not the installer).
• Setting up a database in cPanel.
• Making some configuration changes for WordPress.
• Install some recommended plugins including SEO.
• Install BackupBuddy with a configuration walk…

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