How to Create a Website | 2015 | WordPress Pinnacle Theme (1/2)

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Bam! Build Your Own Responsive Website!

You need:

-A domain name &
-Rented server space from:

I cover important details on choosing a name and renting server space at: 01:26

Demo of what you’ll build:


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Table of Contents:
00:00 – What we’re building…
01:26 – Domain & Hosting
07:30 – Installing WordPress
09:40 – Logging into WordPress
11:26 – Setting up the Maintenance Mode Plugin
19:00 – Installing the Pinnacle theme
19:59 – Setting the Home Page
21:25 – Importing the demo content
24:50 – Changing the Page Header
31:58 – Styling the homepage


Questions? Comment below…

Thanks for watching!!

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26 thoughts on “How to Create a Website | 2015 | WordPress Pinnacle Theme (1/2)

  1. Hey Sean, thanks for the video .. I just have one problem, when i imported the XML file, i got way more Failed-to-import errors than you did, i went and checked on the site but there was absolutely no difference, no content was added! I'd appreciate it if you helped (I think it's because of the Premium, any way i could get a free demo content?) Thanks a lot!

  2. am having trouble uploading that Pinnacle Demo content as descibed in this video – in the dashboard after waiting a while I get – "Gateway Time-out. The gateway did not receive a timely response from the upstream server or application." Also can't upload my logo

  3. I need help because my WordPress stuff don't look like the videos. I need to add log in and register, to add a video screen that don't move from the top of all pages. And if possible the members can add their video to that one video player screen. And i want a widget or something that can take members money that goes to my company's buzz account. I need something that don't charge my members for giving a dollar, it takes the whole dollar. We will be presenting at SXSW in March in Austin, Tx…..please help.

  4. Hello, I have a question to "call-to-action".

    After my customers wrote their E-Mail addresses. I would like, that a new "Thank-You-Page" get open.

    Can you help me, please? How can i do this.

  5. Hi sean first of all thank you for the time in teachin us. i have a question, how do you do all this with an old theme cause i have a theme now that is not at all responsive i just bought one but when i load it up i get the old Theme-style and not the new one i bought plz help out thanks in advance!

  6. Hi First Thank you for your tutorials
    My problem is I can’t remove the home page title from the home and the other pages… I’ve tried wordpress plugin, .home .page-title {
        display: none;
    And pages section in the dashboard in Hide Page Title I’ve left Hide … I have again the same title what can I do !
    Hope you help me…

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