How to Create a Real Estate Website or Portal with Easy Property Listings for WordPress

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In this video you can see how to create a real estate website or property portal using some really cool WordPress plugins and Easy Property Listings.


When we first thought about creating Easy Property Listings we wanted a tool to help us build hundreds of real estate websites for our customers.

Thing is we found the existing tools were really expensive, complex and slow so created Easy Property Listings to make our lives easier when developing real estate websites with WordPress.

We thought if we were having trouble creating real estate websites then other WordPress developers must be having trouble too.

So we released Easy Property Listings to the WordPress community.

You can contribute help by purchasing an extension or even better our Developer Pack and let us help you focus on design, content and creating WordPress websites.

Let us worry about the listings and property part of your next real estate website project.

Take Easy Property Listings for a spin, it…

18 thoughts on “How to Create a Real Estate Website or Portal with Easy Property Listings for WordPress

  1. Hello,

    By this plugin, is there any possibility to import my goMasterKey listings into my exclusive website hosted on my own web server.

    Quick answer will be highly appreciated.


  2. Hi Merv,Thanks for this wonderful video.
    I have a question.
    Is there an option to add listings on specific pages on my site ? For example, I have page on my site which is "location A".I Want the listings of location A to be listed like thumbnails on the page named "Location A" and similarly for Location B ?

  3. Dear your latest version 2.3.1 not installed on wordpress v4.3.1 there is an error.
    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylsheet…
    Can you help me please

  4. Hi Merv. Great system you've set up. The only thing is that the CSS doesn't seem to be kicking in. I'm using the same theme as you, but the search results don't look visually pleasing. It's just text (and a photo) floating in white space. I've seen elsewhere that you have managed to get nicer visuals. Is the CSS not working? Or is something else amiss? Thanks!

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