How to Copy a WordPress Site – Duplicate, Copy, and Clone Your WordPress Multi-Site

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There are many reasons you might want to copy, clone, or duplicate your WordPress Multi-Site. This video is a simple overview of how to copy, duplicate, or clone WordPress Multi-sites with the NS Cloner Pro which gives you incredible flexibility and power with just one click. This WordPress plugin is extremely helpful for creating templates to clone from, setting up quick test sites, making copies of existing sites, or developing a network of sites. (

When you clone your WordPress site by pressing the clone button, the NS Cloner Pro automatically:

– Creates a new site in a sub domain or sub directory – your choice
– Clones the theme, plugin, settings, and users
– Clones specific content based on your choice and selection – widgets, posts, pages, pictures, videos, and attachments

With the NS Cloner you can:

– Select the source site or template from which you want to clone your WordPress multisite
– Set the site title and description at time of…


  1. Does it clone ALL WP + WooCommerce, custom css etc and the full media library content to?

    A client want to clone a currently 1000+ products WP/WC website into a new WP/WC website (different url's), so they don't have to reenter all the products again.

    Please advice, thank's :-)

  2. Hi, I am creating a website and I needed to ass subdirectories to new sales persons but with same website info except with each sales persons main page and when someone buys under there subdirectory it will let administrator know to be able to pay commissions to sales rep… just an example with they have reps and this is how the reps account looks like and this is what I am looking to do as well. Can you help on this?? 

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