How to convert HTML Theme into WordPress Theme

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How to convert HTML Theme into WordPress Theme.
how to create WordPress theme. you will learn Tutorial on how to Convert a static HTML template into a WordPress theme in-short converting HTML/CSS static page to a WordPress Theme.

20 thoughts on “How to convert HTML Theme into WordPress Theme

  1. Nice video for absolute begginers. Very easy steps to convert HTML theme into WordPress dynamic theme but i have few suggestions.

    1) If you cut the video and continue from somewhere else where you already coded so please provide source files as well. Something like upload them on dropbox or any other free cloud storage service providers.

    2) Your english is too bad work on that or make tutorials in other language in which you feel confortable.

  2. Thanks for this useful video, applicable steps and pieces of advice Though, it might be still too complicated for people with no tech background to proceed the featured static HTML to WordPress conversion. When I did my migration I was using an automated online tool. The best part of its work is that it doesn't demand any programming skills or knowledge. I had some technical issue in the beggining, though. But I reached the upport team and they helped me to fix the trouble quicky. Maybe this small advice will help to some users as it did me:) I was using cms2cms service, but there are actually plenty analogues in the net, just search for an automated migration tool and there would be no troubles in finding ones;)

  3. your tutorial is good but you all messed up with horrible english.

    better you speak in hindi.

    agar ye tutorial hindi me hota to jyada achha samajh aata. your english is so frustrating that i cant tolerate to listen complete tutorial.

    but i really salute your courage to speak such english in public post. (y)

  4. "Sweven Develpoers"? If accuracy is important to anyone, it ought to begin with spelling. I think this tutorial needs to be accompanied by a little care in how it is presented. An overview would also help, not just a bunch of buzz SEO tags.

    I'm not trying to be unfriendly, just realistic. Help us by first earning our trust.

  5. bhai agar tumhe thik se english bolne nahi aati to hindi bolo na..kyu ulti-seedhi english bolke aur idhar udhar ki ulti seedhi bat bata ke aur confuse kar rahye ho???

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