How to Change Your WordPress Blog’s Header

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A quick tutorial on changing your WordPress header.

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  1. Thank you! Like others have commented, I have been searching for help and disgusted that WordPress support itself is not that helpful! You are quite generous to offer this free — it took your time and energy.

  2. Excellent exposition of how it's done. I searched through WordPress Help docs for five hours or more without coming close. One doc said I was out of luck — by default the Header navigation could not be edited! I think the company is simply trying to keep users dithering about their site for as long as possible. Thanks so much for your straight-forward and sensible presentation.

  3. I'm not easily moved or impressed and sometimes I'm just outright frustrated with some people's attempts to to give helpful and accurate information through YouTube. However, I must say that I found myself impressed with this video. I found this video to be helpful, informative, and enlightening. She was clear, precise and accurate. I look forward to viewing more of your video's. For the first time ever I might just subscribe. Thank you. I needed that.

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  6. I like your approach to teaching this. Although you stress it's different in every wordpress theme, you urge people to refer to the actual files to see how it's set up. Tip: some themes use a class reference in the element info rather than direct links to the files on the server. In that case you may have to search out the class reference in the style sheets(.css files). For example class="header-image" is going to be under .header-image in the style sheet.

  7. Hi Good works, its helps me a lot!! I'm using a wootheme in wordpress and I want to change my image header into flash. can you make a tutorial how to insert a flash header?

  8. Hi Lisa, like you tutorial. The only thing is I couldn't find "install a WP blog on windows" like you mention in you video, but at least I learn that that exists from viewing your video.

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