How to build an ecommerce solution and a shopping cart. WordPress plugin vs. Shopify vs. Magento

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In this video tutorial I explain what software tools you can use to build a shopping cart for your website, or basic ecommerce functionality that you can use to sell products from your website.

If you have only one or two products to sell from your website, you don’t really need to create a full shopping cart. You can get away with using various ecommerce plugins for WordPress. Using WordPress plugins is simple and fast. And your ecommerce solution can be up and running in often less than a day.

If you have multiple products that you are selling from your…

6 thoughts on “How to build an ecommerce solution and a shopping cart. WordPress plugin vs. Shopify vs. Magento

  1. Hello I have my own website that works off Zen Cart. My wholesaler has provided me with access of images and data exports through an ftp client. How can I take the data and images and put it into a choppily store. I have called people to do this for me but a lot of them are charging to much.

  2. hi, i would like to create a membership site for my vendor, and my vendor can create their microsite to promote their product over my website. can you recommend me some are the free plug-in or low cost software? tq

  3. The video gives a great beginners guide. I've been researching this topic for a while and am having a dilemma about choosing wordpress vs shopify. The downside of shopify is they have very high pricing per month and most of all, on each transaction. You will be giving away thousands of dollars and maybe much more if you are s successful business, every year to them. They are very user friendly and have most of the plugins you need to fully operate a e-commerce store. Sadly it seems like the only solution for a non-tech person.
     I heard you can build and sell a whole product line using wordpress but it gets more complicated. Do you know anything about this?

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