How To Build a Website in WordPress – 2015

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In my newest WordPress tutorial for 2015, learn how to build a website in WordPress with features from’s best business websites.

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Good Luck!

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48 thoughts on “How To Build a Website in WordPress – 2015

  1. I'm a novice. I didn't even understand how you had the tabs for themes at the top. I have been able to accomplish a lot with this instruction which is a start. Often times people who know what they are doing assume that everyone else does too. You have a great voice for doing this. I would recommend taking it slower so that I can see where you are moving your mouse and making your clicks. And yes, I did stop and start the video and rewind many times to try to catch it all. Thanks

  2. This was great. Excellent teaching style Greg. I have a question about image sizes. Is there a method for figuring out what size is best, or is it something that comes with experience and time? Thanks Kim

  3. Hey Greg,
    Thanks for the video!
    How do I reduce the whitespace above and below the header? I have already set the header padding to zero. It looks fine on a desktop, but when I open my site on a mobile device, my logo and social media icon takes up about the top 3rd of the screen.

  4. Hi Greg, Please do a detailed tutorial on using the page builder plugin. I am practicing to build websites and its taking a lot of time to understand and workout the layout, especially for landing page. Please create a tutorial on the same & BTW thanks for this wonderful tutorial

  5. Hi Greg!Iam struggling to edit the website homepage,I create pages,add pluging etc,but when it come to edit theme homepage I cant do itcould help me pleaseI installed the latest version wordpressthanks a lot

  6. Thank u Greg for such a great help. You are such a great teacher, you teach great stuff with basic fundamentals. And, also awesome demonstration.. keep the good work bro.

  7. +Greg Narayan hey nice tutorial !!! … i just wanted to ask one thing , when im making the blog page and click the drop down arrow for blog template ,the option for blog doesn't appear …any advice !!!

  8. great tutorial, thanks… my question is: how can I change font style and size on my wordpress blog? I've tried all the css bulls**t tutorials but I'm not a coder (sic) or programmer, I just want to tweak my blog appearance without going back to university for a degree in computer science…

  9. I started setting up a WordPress page earlier today. I saw option an option to claim a domain name and set up an email. Are there any difference if I do this through WordPress than going through another site?

  10. Greg great video, on pages when changing the template I am not given an option to change to the blog template. I am just given options for the width of text blocks on the page. any help?

  11. Brilliant video, just one thing i creating a blog page, I followed your example by creating a page then in the template section selecting the blog button but this this feature is not available, can you help

  12. why is your vantage so different than the one I downloaded? my the words uncategorized above the wide picture 2 times and below the picture is white space with the words nothing found. there is nothing under the picture like yours with those big circles. also when I make pages they appear under the picture like they are regular blog posts. and the page names do not appear in the gray area across the top of the picture. where did you get your vantage page?

  13. I am trying to update my wordpress website using the elegant theme instyle template. This is new for me, I am not sure if I am not using the right plugins, but I am having getting the homepage to display like the demo. Do you have any recommendations?

  14. Greg, nice video. One question – My dashboard doesn't always show all of the options that your dashboard shows? Do I have to purchase a premium theme to get all of the options? This has happened as I have watched several tutorials on YT. Thanks

  15. Greg, Thank you so much, I started a website learning from you. But I am stuck on the last thing, the copyright. I would like it to echo the date change with wordpress and I do not know where to add the codes..I know nothing about this. It appears Vantage is updated since your vid. This is what the footer php looks like now. Where and what do I insert?     <?php do_action( 'vantage_main_bottom' ); ?>
      </div><!– .full-container –>
     </div><!– #main .site-main –> <?php do_action( 'vantage_after_main_container' ); ?> <?php do_action( 'vantage_before_footer' ); ?> <?php get_template_part( 'parts/footer', apply_filters( 'vantage_footer_type', '' ) ); ?> <?php do_action( 'vantage_after_footer' ); ?></div><!– #page-wrapper –><?php do_action('vantage_after_page_wrapper') ?><?php wp_footer(); ?></body>

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