How to Build a Website from Scratch with WordPress | Step by Step WordPress Tutorial

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Learn how to build a website from scratch with WordPress. This step by step guide which will teach you how to build a professional WordPress website using Bluehost hosting. Instead of paying a web developer thousands of dollars, build your own website quick and easy. This tutorial is a great way for beginners, and small business owners with no coding skills to build a quality website in no time at all. The website is fully responsive, modern, and very professional looking. After you build this WordPress website your friends may be asking you to build them a site. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about setting this up.

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Build a site overview:
02:18 – Get BlueHost:
05:01 – How to Install WordPress
08:51 – Hot to Install a Free Theme
12:35 – Setting up the Homepage
13:04 – Setup Contact Page
13:40 – Setup About Page

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