How to Build a Graphic Design Portfolio

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LINKS IN THIS VIDEO – GraphicRiver, where you can buy these Photoshop mock up templates – Divi WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes: This is the theme I use on my graphic design website. I upload my product mockups into their beautiful portfolio template. This is the only theme I have LOVED for this purpose and I’ve tried a lot! Here is my portfolio to see the theme and mockups in action: – ThemeTrust WordPress Themes (Limited time offer: 40% off with code ‘christmas2015’): I’ve used these themes before too and while I don’t love them as much as I love Divi, they are another option… professional, high-quality and great support. – StudioPress WordPress Themes: This is the LAST theme provider I recommend if you’re going to start an online portfolio! They aren’t built for portfolios necessarily, but they are SOLID themes! I use these on every single other…

23 thoughts on “How to Build a Graphic Design Portfolio

  1. Very good advice! Have you tried printing them as well? I just graduated and I'm looking for entry level graphic design job. Do companies typically prefer printed portfolios or is everyone okay with digital now? I feel like I should have both but i don't want to overwhelm them. Thanks!

  2. I enjoyed the video. It was simple and to the point, while not being flashy. Thank you for sharing your experience with the design community. I never thought or knew about product mock-ups. I design logos and this will help a lot. Thanks again!

  3. Im a Graphic Design student and im making my first portfolio. I was curious in what ways i could display it. My html en css in bad so a website wont work. Does a pdf file work?

  4. Learned a good amount with this video so thanks! I had a question though, do you have any suggestions for people new to this field that are trying to build up a portfolio? Having no clients and such so basically having to create solely freelance.

  5. Helpful stuff!  Just curious about the .psd templates: Do the "flat" pages that you upload to the various sections automatically render into the page curve and perspective as seen in the final product? If so, that must have been a headache to create. Thanks–nice video!

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