How to Add the Facebook Social Plugins to Your WordPress Website or Blog |

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In this tutorial you will learn how to install the free Facebook Social Plugins tools into your WordPress website or blog to connect it to the Facebook social network to drive traffic from Facebook to your website as well as showing your website visitors what articles from your website are trending on Facebook.

This tutorial includes how to insert the Facebook Social Plugins code into a WordPress website or blog.

13 thoughts on “How to Add the Facebook Social Plugins to Your WordPress Website or Blog |

  1. This is very helpful but I assume is not exactly correct now as am assuming FB have updated the process. So I was able to find my way through but got stuck on the bit when I had to key in the App Domain – keyed it in as per instructions in the video above but it would not accept it and had this message:
    this must be derived from Canvas URL, Secure Canvas URL, Unity Binary URL, Site URL, Mobile Site URL, Page Tab URL or Secure Page Tab URL. Check and correct the following domains …… (being my website name)….so can anyone help me with what they mean?
    Thanks if anyone can help

  2. Great video. However, I was not able to get it to work. I have a WordPress web page and wanted to be able to link my blog to FB so I don't have to write a million posts. I followed the instructions, I still can't post from website to FB. Help! Thank You, Alyson

  3. I am a web developer and I created a series of video tutorials for wordpress users. It definitely is the most comprehensive wordpress package ever. You can watch a sample video from this training on my channel

  4. Great tutorial, very clear and easy to follow and the best i've watched. I'm having one problem though, I only want the like box to display in my sidebar so I checked 'hide' on all the like page options in the plugin setup page yet the like button still displays under the like box on my homepage, any help would be much appreciated 😉

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