How to Add Structured Data to WordPress

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How to Add Structured Data to WordPress manually utilizing typical core template files. Code snippets as shown in the video is here:

This video tutorial highlights Google Structured data semantics which are now officially supported by Google.

To learn more about how Google uses this feature visit:

Although it is not part of Google ranking algorithm, Structured Data (Microdata, RDFa and LD+JSON (Linked Data Javascript Object Notation)) allows search engines to better understand your website’s content which in return naturally will help your Google rankings (whether organic or paid).

This video tutorial session “How to Add Structured Data to WordPress” will take you through each step and demonstrate core ideas and samples to markup WordPress theme HTML template files (header.php index.php footer.php archive.php search form markup and others).

The level of knowledge required…

9 thoughts on “How to Add Structured Data to WordPress

  1. im using the genesis theme as well and I cannot find the files you named. I see it in my parent folder but teres a message telling me to use the child theme. I added a code I found in wp fourm to the functions php but still no luck, I also found a plug in that promises to fix hatom errors but still … I have google webmaster error

  2. Hi thanks for the upload.

    Does this apply to the Genesis framework too?

    Do i adjust the .php files in the Genesis theme folder and not the child theme of  genesis (In this case – parallax-pro)? I ask this because i cant find those four files within parallax-pro.

    Also, what will the effect be if there is a genesis upgrade, as i think that it too is a child theme?

    I hope this makes sense?


  3. dude, its very nice of you to upload these lessons. however most of the movie you talk about unimportant things, it takes you long minutes to get to the point, you repeat again and again on the same things, you say many times OK, ok, ok… so, so, so…
    41 minutes could easily be shortened to 5-10 min which would make me share your video, and definitely watch it to the end. hope you see this as a positive criticism.

  4. Just brilliant still need to watch it a couple of times I will make a practice website just to learn how it all works hopefully I can make a few sites to make money out of. 
    It's just like when I was learning refrigeration it started out as a hobby. Now I have found another hobby thanks for the education.

  5. Hello Rankya and thank you very much for your great videos.

    Can you explain how to add itemprop="url" to wordpress site navigation in my php function?btw, in your header.php file there is: meta name=viewport, I'm not sure but I think you forgot to put " " around the viewport.

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