How to Accept Bitcoin Payments, Tips, and/or Donations on Your Website

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Mycelium Gear is an open-source little widget that you can put on your website to make accepting Bitcoin easy, organized, private, and totally free. Enjoy this tutorial we’ve made that shows you how.

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18 thoughts on “How to Accept Bitcoin Payments, Tips, and/or Donations on Your Website

  1. hello i want to ask ef first i nead to open a website account and after that i make the mycelium.gear account?? or the mycelium.gear account open a new website for me? thanks

  2. This video is like step by step tutorial to generate private keys to start loving Bitcoin. When most people don't understand what even these private keys means.

    Good tutorial, but people needs to be explained that Mycelium Gear is better replacement for's API (am I wrong?) and way easier than starting your own node server to handle events upon payments, because when I showed this video to my crypto friends (who don't know English), first they asked, "why do I need another intermediary to accept my payments, what if their web-site go down", then they recommended me accepting Bitcoins by directly mentioning my btc address.

    Of course I explained them, that "Mycelium Gear lets your customers send money directly into your wallet controlled by you only. Then it watches the Bitcoin blockchain to detect whether a transaction has been made." as it was mentioned here

    But most people don't understand "why they would benefit from script that watches blockchain". The answer is, because you can build more complex apps – by tracking events, creating orders upon payment, etc, etc. (everybody, let's brainstorm about use-cases, why nobody sees opportunity in this?)

    So Mycelium Gear is pretty much decentralization of most important thing in development of Bitcoin apps: Decentralizing Bitcoin's API.

    Dmitry Murashchik states, “Mycelium Gear is a merchant processor which demonstrates something that has never been possible before Bitcoin: the ability for merchants to use a full featured merchant processor to receive payments online, and have the money go straight into their own wallets, even if that wallet is running on their own phone in their pocket.”

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