How Much Should You Charge for a Website?

Video is ready, Click Here to View × – In this video, I answer the question of how much you should charge for a website. This video is targeted to web designers just starting out in this field and are unsure of the market rate for web design services.

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21 thoughts on “How Much Should You Charge for a Website?

  1. Thank you! This is the best video I've found so far on this topic. I'm extremely new to working in web design/development, and I'm about to start working with a client who wants me to create a simple static site for them. This will be the first time doing this, and the hardest part so far has been, "What the heck do I charge?". This video has given me a clear idea of how I should approach that question.

    Thanks Mike! Keep up the good work!

  2. After 5 days of researching web design, software engineering, electrical engineering, software developer and coding for a second career this is hands down the most useful video I have found.

  3. hi i am my name is josh and i am going to get into this. now for the blogs do you ask them what thay like to write or do you write the blog up for them? or maybe you ask them about there business an then write?

  4. So helpful. I am new to the web design world and right now trying to find my way with all of the E Lance type sites of the world. Clients are looking for top of the line sites for $200.00. It is crazy. Thank you for this great information !

  5. What would be the pricing for a website that is more of a brochure? No forums, just stuff displaying the gallery photos and food menu for a bread and breakfast business. It would also be a single page website.

  6. great vidoe 🙂
    I have a Q:
    how long had you been learning, building, gaining experience before you charged $1000 base rate?

  7. What do you think of CMS? Im WORking with joomla. And charging 350-500 for small bussines basic page. + monthly maintenance fee or one time maintenance fee . 

  8. not very informative…the 2500 flat fee, how did he come up with that number? what about expenses, how many hours go into making the site, and how advance is the website?

  9. Great, helpful videos! I'm a budding freelance web developer myself. My question for you is this: How many hours/week do you spend on a typical mom and pop project, and how many weeks do you you usually take to finish the project from start to finish?

  10. 2500 bucks? Holy S!%#, man. I'm was thinking something like 400 bucks, but then I was like, nahh. Who is going to give 400 bucks for a website. I guess living in smaller country takes its toll. 

  11. What do you say to people who say there are loads of web design packages out there and they think they can do it themselves. or install WordPress for free or a free ecommerce packages. I did a lot of work for a client then his business partner decided to do it herself, the website they have now is poorly designed and does not look professional but they just wanted to save money. I live in the UK and small businesses just don't want to spend thousands of pounds. I spend most of my time trying to convince them of the benefits of a web designer and the time and money they will save  in the long run.

  12. Hey Mike! thank you for the info man…this has helped me to really not under charge for the quality work that I produce…thanks man. will keep intouch

  13. This is excellent man 🙂 I have to give a quote on Aug 8th for a client that wants me to use an existing template to build an type website for him. He wants an eCommerce page and about 5-8 pages of web content. I'm just starting out and still learning html coding and css. This is something I want to do and I'm going for it 🙂 He wants me to go through host gator. I can use the tools provided there to build the site so what should I charge? He has about 50 images to upload and all of the info for each img. Seems like a lot of work :0

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