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An interview with Joaquin Lippincott (@joaquinlippinco) about the tools and knowledge you need to start your journey as a beginning web developer.

13 thoughts on “How do you become a Web Developer? – Metal Toad Media

  1. I am doing an investigation about web developers and this guy seems to be the one in specific to investigate about, but I could not find any information about him. Anyone knows where I can find more info. or his biography? (his company's website does not have enough info) THANK YOU!

  2. Very well said and informative. As someone who has had an extremely eclectic work background, this helped me view web development as something I could get into for the long run. Thanks for posting.

  3. I'm learning PHP at the moment. I have only been learning it for a few weeks now and have made a simple log in and registration system. Is there any need to learn WordPress if i want to be a PHP developer in 10 months time or should i just learn PHP and the other items that come with it?

  4. There is a very clear path on becoming a web developer. This skinny balding nerd is just one of those people who doesn't want to give away the secrets.

  5. can i be your intern lol 0.0 i found out coding is a whole lot of fun modding Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. and i have tryed my hand at making a HTML "test site" and its fun

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