How Do I Become a Freelancer?

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9 thoughts on “How Do I Become a Freelancer?

  1. I have a suggestion for a video you should do regarding freelancing, and that is about how to handle problems with clients as far as not getting paid. I used to be involved with learning 3D graphics and there was a video that went viral in the computer graphics community called "Fuck you, pay me" which is about how you should have a legal contract signed before you do any work. Im sure you probably have had experience with bad clients so maybe you have some personal advice on how you handle it.

  2. I think freelancing for the long term may not be for everyone. Freelancing is not just about gigs on a part-time basis – it really is another business – your OWN business (just like another job) that you have to invest heavily in. If you sit on your ass, you won't make a dime unlike having a job (I mean with a job you can warm the seat somewhat, take sick / job leave and still get paid) . You have to market, sell, negotiate contracts, pound the pavement like John says to find clients, take care of all manner of expenses, finance your own health insurance, invoice clients, file admin docs for accounting purposes, answer to multiple bosses rather than typically one in a traditional job and basically be responsible for every little decision that affects your bottom line. In other words, more than HALF the time is not running gigs but doing the admin. I know that for a fact.

    I suppose go easy on freelancing I would say if you have been employed for the longest time. If you just jump into it, you will be shellshocked since you are still so used to working for someone. Why not still actively look for another job and then mix around with business types or start-ups and other entreprenuers whom could you learn from. Approach long term freelancing just like a BUSINESS as it really is.

    Having said that, John, do you see an opportunity for a manager of sorts for freelancers. Actually it is not a question, as you are that manager haha who coaches freelancers. Seriously, if we could find someone to manage the administrative side of things for developer types, even on a part-time basis, it will ease the transition to freelancing for many who will be learning the ropes of the business of freelancing.

  3. I' am currently taking an Advanced Java Programming class. My focus is gonna be android development and desktop GUI's after I complete this class.

    This video has given me some insight on what I need to do to freelance. I usually try to stay anonymous on the internet due to all the hackers stealing personal info, but I guess I'll have to brand and market myself that shows employers and future clients I'll be the right developer for the job. 

    Thanks for another awesome knowledgeable video.

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