Hootsuite Tutorial with Bonus Tips and Tricks

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Hootsuite is a social media management tool that is perfect for small businesses. It brings all your social media streams like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Google+ to one central command station. In this tutorial, David will show you the basics of how to use Hootsuite and offer a few extra tips and tricks along the way.


29 thoughts on “Hootsuite Tutorial with Bonus Tips and Tricks

  1. Today (May 2016) I read an article about Hootsuite that said they offered a FREE version. So I checked out their site but did not find a FREE version. Then I found this video you produced a year ago talking about the FREE version. Obviously between then and now they have decided to discontinue offering the FREE version.

  2. This is a GREAT tutorial. I just signed up for Hootsuite and this is all I needed to be off an running so thank you! A couple of notes..unless I missed something, Promoted Tweets deselection and "suggestions" option is only available to PRO users. Also, I couldn't figure out how to get a "Hootlet" button on my iPad Pro. The rest is all fabulous!

  3. Had a hard time following Hootsuite's demo video for the same reasons that you mentioned in this video. Amazing tutorial, everything was quite clear and concise..looking forward to making the magic happen with this app. Thank you.

  4. I need to add a second Twitter account to my "new" Hootsuite account. Anything I've found online that writes about how to do this doesn't explain it well. I've tried adding the second Twitter account a few times in a new tab. It lets me add the second account's Twitter username & PW, but then nothing happens after that. The new tab shows Twitter account #1's icon picture & feed, not Twitter account #2's picture & feed. Even Hootsuite's Help didn't help, nor did the HS Forum.

    I don't have any other social media accounts connected to my Hootsuite account – just Twitter acct #1.

    Does anyone have a better link that shows how to add a second Twitter account to Hootsuite? Thanks!

  5. Thank you! This was super clear and upbeat
    I wanted to ask you if you know a good free app or service to automate my downloads ? connecting it from click to confirmations to paypal. Do you have any videos on how to do this ?

  6. I have one major problem using Hootsuite with Facebook…Facebook's algorithm naturally takes down any post from third apps like Hootsuite & Youtube and that is no good for my online business. I dont know if they have changed now but that was my experience then.

    If any1 has any tip on these can you please lemme know…I will be grateful.

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