Grunt – The Basics

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We’ll walk through the basics of Grunt.
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  1. I did not see you install grunt locally to the application. However with gulp you did do this. Can you explain when it's required? It seems to me strange to include build tools in one's application.

  2. Please please can you do a more updated tutorial. I can tell from this that your tutorial is so good, incredibly useful and straight to the point. It would be awesome if you could post another with the config updates. Wish all videos were this straight forward, thanks again :)

  3. Cary i tried to follow this instructions but the console is ranting that a valid Gruntfile could not be found.  I did  name the file to Gruntfile.js since grunt.js alone will just give me an error  the code is the same now.
    grunt version  is v0.4.5   and npm -v is 2.7.4

  4. Never used Grunt – now I'm expert in a few minutes – I managed to XML validate inkscape SVG files (with my SVG fonts in) – and uglify stuff – very useful

  5. You should make an updated version of this. Its pretty good but its outdated now, for ex to install grunt now its npm install g grunt-cli. Just little things like that confuse us noobs :)

  6. Isn't this utterly outdated ? 
    I tried to follow this but it won't work this way anymore… 
    Grunt must be installed locally otherwise this wont run.
    Just "min" won't run you need to use uglify – wich needs to be installed and registered first. Banner is not inserted this way, either.

    Am I right ? or just stupid ? 

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