Getting Started with Google Cloud SQL

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This video walks you through the process of setting up and using a Google Cloud SQL instance. It covers creating a database and then connecting to it from the standard MySQL client running on a laptop. Then you’ll see how to create PHP pages running on Google Compute Engine and App Engine that display data retrieved from Cloud SQL. Also included in the demonstration is how to use phpMyAdmin on Compute Engine to connect to and manage Cloud SQL databases.

Sample scripts are located at:

16 thoughts on “Getting Started with Google Cloud SQL

  1. The directory of mysql in my system is C:Program FilesMySQLMySQL Server 5.6bin but when I type the command and hit enter it is showing mysql is not recognized as an internal or external server

  2. You need a video like this for setting up a CGI RESTful service.   Also do you guys support Perl on AppEngine?  And why doesn't Google have a free instance so you can get used to it and test it out and upgrade to a paying one if your website/app take off?  +Google Cloud Platform 

  3. Well explained! 😀 Good Job!

    I'm currently making a big estructure doing a mashup integration and I had doubts when using Cloud SQL… but I've cleared my mind, thanks!

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