Free WordPress BackUp Plugin – How To Video

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The free BackUpWordPress (one word) Plugin is simple to use and will back up your to entire site including your database and all your files once every day.

It’s very important running a WordPress website to create backups so that if anything goes wrong which can’t be fixed, you have a record of an older version. Backups should be performed whenever you are about to do any major changes to your site which would include upgrading to the latest WordPress, modifying a theme and even installing/upgrading plugins.

You can download the free plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory here:

If you have any questions, use the Plugin Support tab to let the developers know.

UPDATE: I now use and recommend Snapshot for easy backup AND restore.
I have used the restore, and it works great:

Snapshot Pro

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20 thoughts on “Free WordPress BackUp Plugin – How To Video

  1. Hi Dan, sorry to hear of your trouble. The video was made last year and that plugin and WordPress have had several upgrades since, so it is very likely the steps could be some what different now. Also it might be a server conflict issue with that plugin, permissions, etc so suggest contacting the developer and asking them for advice.

    I now use and recommend Snapshot for easy backup/restore so maybe try that one. The link is in description as YouTube don't allow links in comments. Cheers.

  2. Can anyone answer a simple question? How come when I follow a simple tutorial, step by step, the end result is NEVER exactly like the person giving the tutorial. I downloaded the backupwordpress plugin and went through the steps and got a "failed backup" message. And the "Manage Backups Page doesn't even look like the page that came up for me."

  3. Well you need to have knowledge to restore the files and database, so if you are not comfortable doing this, then you should ask your webmaster or hosting provider to restore the backup for you.

    Otherwise I would recommend using Snapshot for easy backup and restore from within WordPress, the link is in the description above, all the best 🙂

  4. Hi, I dont know anything about computer stuff but does this backup plugin do a complete backup? (I heard some backup plugins miss out media or themes or smt) Just checkin

  5. GREAT VIDEO TY very much – I'm new and kept searching You tube for help and was getting very Grrrrrr – I tried a few other videos and followed step by step but they didn't work. This is the first one I found that worked for me! You made it so SIMPLE 🙂 Now I have my first backup and feel sooooo much better after working many hours on my site I would die if I had to start from scratch again – You rock man ! CHEERS MATE

  6. Wish I had of found this plugin hours ago. I have been up all night, trying to find an answer to backing up wordpress, i tried 2 plugins that crashed my site out. added yours seamlessly. well done.

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