Fear, loathing & the creative process | Artist Insider Vlog 01

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We artists always make creating look so easy don’t we? Well I’m going to be lifting the curtain and show you what we try to hide by introducing you to my pet boogey man: THE FEAR (A.K.A creative anxiety).

What THE FEAR feels like is a little voice in your head telling you you’ll never make it as an artist, that your paintings are terrible and you better give up now before you embarrass yourself. If you’ve heard that little voice, I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone and that I’ve found ways of coping with it.

In my very first vlog I’m hoping to reach out to other artists, aspiring creatives and anyone who enjoys getting mucky with art, music or words to discuss the dark side of creating and a very personal revelation that I had this year.

Over the last few years that I’ve been painting I’ve noticed a weird pattern emerging – I’ll start a painting in the morning, get caught up in it and have a blast painting it, then look back at what I’ve done in the…

31 thoughts on “Fear, loathing & the creative process | Artist Insider Vlog 01

  1. There's a book called the Artisan Soul by Erwin McManus and it's amazing! A bit of a different vibe but it's about how we're all creative etc.
    I literally thought that I was the only one that felt this way. I just need to step back and take a moment 'cause if i'm freaking out it's just because i've been looking at it for so long. THANKS for this video! x

  2. Excellent topic to discuss!! Very interesting to realize how other people deal with these situations. I tend to start painting and get really stoked with it, until the point I start to second guess myself, so I end up putting it aside and I start working on something else… Unfortunately, most of them I end up never finishing, so my house is left with many unfinished pieces… Congrats on the choice of topic and thanks to all the friends who posted their comments, it makes an already awesome video even more awesome! Cheers from Brazil!

  3. Wow! I have never been able to verbalize these feelings! It is like you read my mind! Can't wait to read that book! Thank you so much for talking about this topic! Means a lot!

  4. This is just the third video ive watched from you and im already have a crush on you 🙂 You have such a beautiful expressive vibe… very passionate. I think you have scratched a very interesting topic. Creative people, at least i do, often have to deal with emotional highs and lows. They tend to lose trust in their work due to personal desire of perfection. Free flowing art often reveals a very non conform picture of yourself. It sometimes creates conflicts with our wishfull self image. I think art could be described as a intimate way to communicate with our fears and aspiration. Its an endless path on the mysterious journey to the inner self. Btw – i instantly realized its frida kahlo ;)

  5. Every single time I paint, I feel fear. It creeps into my thoughts and invades my creative think space. I usually ignore it and try to keep going, but most of the time I step away for a time. I usually stare at the painting while I'm feeling like this, and wonder why I put myself through it!!! I love your videos. Xxx

  6. just went through this yesterday doing some lettering on a restaurants signs I just keep on painting with it till it passes, as you said it always passes..! great video again x

  7. Immediately after I watched this video I went and bought the book. It is like I'm the one who that book was written for. Thanks for the info. Keep up the great work.

  8. For what I've seen of your work so far, I'm in love with it, by the way I'm from Mexico so if a word or phrase is not quite right sorry am working on my English.
    So… about fear right now I'm going through it you'll see I'm starting in the world of art being honest I'm a rookie and my lack of security usually keeps me down on every sketch I make.

  9. Fantastic video.
    My "Fear Point" comes when I've done a really great outline and then by adding colour I really have to commit to making a finished piece. If I fudge the colours will I be able to recreate that great outline once I scrub back to zero?
    Keep the vids coming Fieldey

  10. Great content Fieldey! Thank you so much 🙂
    I believe that practice reduces fear altough I feel sometimes stuck. I might ink one thing 2 or 3 times until I feel that the fear and rigid look aren't reflected on the paper.

  11. thanks for putting out a new series that will influence other artist and help them grow…its comforting to know that artists from all walks of life can struggle with the same areas like fear…cant wait to see the piece finished:)

  12. This was awesome, it so important as an artist to have someone who you know will be kind but honest to look at your work when your having one of those 'I suck' moments ?? it's comforting to know other artists feel the same. Love your work ?

  13. Pot helps. But at the same time, my mind is always racing. One thought after another. And at times I allow myself to get frustrated over events I have no control over. I have try to take a cue from The Dude, and just say "fuck it". And move onto the next step in which I am the artist of whatever I am creating. From art, to changing the world.

  14. I have this all the time, and I agree with you, at that stage what I want is feedback. I think that's important, because it makes you always push yourself to be better. My hardest part is knowing when go just, stop, and be satisfied with what I've done lol

  15. Most def. this last year has been really hard on me as an artist. now that I've reached a point as an artist where my skills are starting to build and I'm getting much better, its kinda like alright man where are we taking this thing. when I first started I did it simply because I loved it and had passion for it, and it was just all about creativity and creation. it still is and I still have that artistic passion/ compulsive obsession, but now that I've hit the point of realizing this is what I wanna do with my life I've started worrying about am I good enough and worry to much about what others thing instead of just creating because I love to do it like when I first started. been drinking a bit not sure if any of that made a ton of sense haha. just at a difficult stage as an artist in slowly getting over it. you rock keep on keepin on fieldy.

  16. Happens to me all the time, it sucks. Usually I'll call it a day or look for that perfect shape, color or whatever that'll get the flow going again.

  17. I call that "the pancake batter stage" you think it looks really bad, all lumpy and nasty, but you know as soon as u start baking them it will be fine.

  18. everyone gets it ive noticed that its when you notice any imperfections in your work. others can't see it but you can. i normally walk way for 10 minutes and look at it with fresh eyes. plus the fear is also a motivator to keep a high standard of work going.

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