Family Guy Funniest Moments #2

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Some of the Funniest Family Guy Moments on Season 13 of Family Guy!

These are some of the family guy funniest moments I will be posting more of these videos of the family guy funny scenes as well! Enjoy this family guy funniest scenes!

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  1. "nickelodeon! ask your daughter that girls name and go on your laptop"
    i found out about stuff about jenette that i didn't wanna find out about! (for people that are confused… jenette is the 1 playing sam)

  2. You would think that when snoopy did his happy dance, the girl would go "I have been slapped by a dog, hurry get the oil, get the bandages, disinfect the wounds hurry! Like she would do in the actual show

  3. Another interesting fact is voice actor for Meg Griffin is played by Mila Kunis for you idiots out there who don't know who she is she's that black haired cute jewish girl from That 70s Show. She has done pornography before like most Jewish girls. Yes you are welcome :)

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