Docker Container Tutorial – How to build a Docker Container & Image

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This tutorial covers how to build a docker container. It covers everything you need to know from setting up boot2docker on your machine to building and deploying your first Docker webapp.

Code is in this repo:
Get Boot2docker here:
Running a Docker Container:
What is Nginx:

Our goal for this video is to convert a static html site into a docker image that we, as a web developer, can run on any linux server with zero configuration – cause if there’s one thing a web developer hates, it’s configuration.

High-Availability Docker #1:
– Cluster computing – CoreOS is our solution here. CoreOS allows us to make an expandable cluster of computers so we can add more computers should our application need more power to scale. CoreOS also allows us to run services on any machine in the cluster and they can all communicate with each…

22 thoughts on “Docker Container Tutorial – How to build a Docker Container & Image

  1. You refer to nginx by using from nginx as the first line. Are you referring to the nginx image? If so, where is it accessing the nginx image from? Is declaring from nginx basically saying from the nginx repository?

  2. boot2docker appears to be deprecated and officially unsupported by Docker. Do you happen to have another newer similar tutorial that uses the Docker Toolkit for Mac instead, to replace this tutorial?

  3. Hi, you didn't describe how to get live server on it or give any links for it !! ? I am stuck on it. help !! I am on a windows 8.1 machine and running a dynamic project and was able to follow your tutorial to the end but before the liveserver part

  4. Sorry, but compared to the previous 2 vids in this series, you are blazing along without enough explanation at each step. You have bypassed some core basics. Such as, A) do you need to have every step in your dockerfile? B) where is /src > on the host machine? In some image? C) can you take an existing container, and manually copy in the changes and then create a new image in it RATHER than relying on a script/config that you have not fully explained? Your command prompt, is that brew or is that boot2docker? On windows machines may not have that by default (is that something you installed earlier)? Can you show these steps without requiring an account up on digitalocean (or was that You basically needed another diagram with all your bits and explain each one. In the first 2 vids you were very clear. In this vid you pushed the petal to the metal and assumed that everyone used the same pieces in the same way you do. To do this right where people could follow would be more like 25 minutes, not 10.

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