Design Makeover: Add a Vertical Menu

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For some websites, a vertical menu just looks better. Get some quick tips on how to add a vertical menu to your site. Sign up for WixEd! Learn how to build professional websites,
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Transcript: Hi, Most of Wix’s templates come with a horizontal menu. But did you know that you can easily make your menu vertical on any site?

For some websites, a vertical menu can work better with the design. And it’s easy to create one in just a few simple clicks.

I want to give you three quick tips to keep in mind when you add a vertical menu to your site.
First, the lowest button on your menu should not be below 650 pixels on the y-axis. You can check this using the Wix ruler tool. If your menu goes below this, it might be cut off on low resolution screens or on some laptops.

Second, if you want the menu to show on all the pages, check the box. Or, you can…

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