Customizing WordPress #4 – Creating Page Templates

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The 4th video in the Customizing WordPress tutorial series. Here we show you how to create a re-useable page template or override an individual page template.

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33 thoughts on “Customizing WordPress #4 – Creating Page Templates

  1. Great videos! They are helping me with making a website from scratch. I had one question: Towards the end of the video, you remove the sidebar, is there a way to remove it completely so that the rest of the page fits the whole page and there is not access space on the left side? Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!

  2. Hi, I have a regular WP (out of a theme) site and I need to add a page (that uses its own Database) into the wp site. Do I need to create the template first? Pages are stored in DB (so I have read) and then it seems I will have some "real" page with my custom new page. My concern is with future updates on both Theme and WP. I am trying to find the right route to add a custom page onto WP. It seems it to create the template and a child theme? I appreciate our time in advance.

  3. I am trying to remove the black rectangle after I removed the sidebar by following the steps on your video. I have found where the black rectagle of the sidebar is on the style.css (#secondary) and I am wondering if it is possible to remove that section,#secondary.

  4. Thanks for the tutorials! How would i go about styling the custom template without effecting the other pages. for example, adding a new text container and making room for it by resizing the main content container? would i have to link a seperate style sheet to it?

  5. These videos are wonderful, Great for a beginner like myself.Great job thank you.  * I was a little curious about the commenter David Batten so I checked his Youtube home page.  There's nothing to comment on!   *

  6. Y are there so many idiots on Youtube taking ages to show how to do a task instead of just demonstrating it. If i wont someone to pick apples for me do I need to teach them the history of the seed the tree came from. NO! What a waste of woffle.

  7. hi im having trouble on renaming page.php to my respective page. e.x i renamed page.php to aboutus.php and i put Template Name: About Us. but the text "TEST" didnt appear i think i miss something. by the way im currently working on WAMPserver thank you!

  8. FYI – Apart from doing this programatically on page template level… some people might be interested in a plugin called "Dynamic Widgets" 😉 Besides a general plugin, some theme frameworks come with advanced widgets features as well.

  9. Hi I have this code to enable me to create individual pages but it dosen't specify what other part of the page code should be used from the header.php. any chance someone is able to post the code here.- I've created a page template called bb for a catogory and copied the original styIe.css to stylebb.css  so I can change the title of that page and other stuff  – you show how to add the word test but I can't find anything explaining individual page code or where to place it. 

  10. Great video, not sure if I missed it but did you create the 'about us' 'sample page' & 'donations' page of camera.  How did you put the form on the donations page?

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