Create a Membership Website in WordPress In 1+ Hours (On A Budget)

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Learn how to create a WordPress website with Membership using Paid Memberships Pro, a free membership plugin for WordPress.

This is Part 2 of a two-part series. In Part 1, we created the website using WP Zoom’s Meeta theme. If you want to create the website we’re using in this video, please see Part 1 here:

Enjoy! XO


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21 thoughts on “Create a Membership Website in WordPress In 1+ Hours (On A Budget)

  1. Thanks for a fantastic job. Your level of detail is rare these days. This is exactly what I've been looking for. Just one little itty bitty point: the "p" is not silent in excerpts. :-)

  2. Good video but she said the site she built only cost $25 per month which is not accurate. She failed to mention that the PayPal business account where she gets the api is not free and costs $30 a month.

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  4. Hi Katrinah Thank you for your videos they are a great help. Just wondering is this video still current? I am using the latest WP and I am not getting any "excerpts" box on my posts (despite there being a "show excerpts" box on Memberships/advanced) and the posts won't show if I click members only box. Only show up on blog if not restricted to members. Any suggestions? I have followed instructions to the letter. If I had enough hair I would probably be pulling it out.

  5. Very helpful video! Thanks! I really need to interact with students one-on-one. I need the membership tools, but I don't really need to restrict content, just the ability to engage students privately. I envision a forum-like atmosphere (but, again, restricted to just the student and myself. My experience with BBPress has so far been cumbersome. Any suggestions?

  6. Hi sir your video is amazing & very use full.
    i am working on wrodpress on last 6-7 months and i am try develop one plugin simple online order Please HELP…
    1. User come on site
    2. Fill form/ order now
    3. Price will calculate
    4. Preview order
    5. Place order
    6. If new user account will create existing user can see order in my order.
    7. User can pay for order.(using paypal)

  7. I have learned WP from nothing watching your videos.  Fantastic job, and thank you!!   I was elected as our club's Webmaster (not club as in "bar and drinks", but a hobbyist club) and I am building a new club website using paid membership pro.  Everything has turned out perfect minus the following….1 – I want to make available, payment of our annual dues via the website.  I have everything in and it is functioning, however, our club "year" goes 1 Jan thru 31 Dec.  So far, from what I see in PMP, I can only select a year option based on the date the membership fee is paid.  What I need to do is set up an actual "Date of Expiration" that would include dd/mm/yyyy.  Do you know a way I can do this? or a plug-in that would allow this?2 – Because our club's membership fees can also be paid at a monthly meeting, I (as admin) need a way to add members to the website's membership roster for access to the restricted areas.  Do you know how I can do this?

  8. Very good video , Very well explained . You touched all required points . But I need a clarification . Suppose a person who does not have a paypal account , but ready to transfer fund to the bank . How would I permit him access to the premium content . Please replay me because I am eager to implement this in my site . Thanks and regards for your nice and useful efforts ….

  9. Hello!

    Great video but while I was watching it a question came into my mind! I was wondering if you can help me out!

    Lets say that you built your website and you have your VIP members and they pay $10 per month automatically (I think, you did not specify in the video).

    Possible scenario: A VIP member wants to cancel his/her membership either because of money or any personal reason. How can you do that?

    Kind regards

  10. Fantastic work and amazing amount of information. The part of this video where things "didn't go right" was the best part and showed your professionalism. Congrats on the fine work.

  11. Hi Katrinah, I have followed your tutorials and have managed to set up my own website with your help, thank you so much. However, I cannot get "Theme my login" to work like you do. I am using the flatsome theme and it just doesn't want to work. do you have any other suggestions for a similar plug in as i like the features of this plug in. Shame i have so many problems with it. 🙁 Look forward to you response. Rachel

  12. Hi I think your tutorials are great. But I'm stuck. My locked down posts are not displaying on the home page (not even in the side bar under recent posts) Only my normal posts are displaying. All the rest of the site seems fine. Please can you help me????

  13. Hey, I was the 1.000 to like this video 🙂 Great video! Thank you. I have one question. If you include a video with a private link – this link can be copied afterwrads by a member and mailed to other people, no? So what can I do to protect video-content using youtube?

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