Content Block Hack – Headway Themes 2015

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#headwaywp tutorial from Diane over at The Design Creative

This is a Headway Content Block hack to allow you to manipulate your designs further by allowing multiple content blocks to display different parts of your posts.

Thanks for watching this video if you need further help or one or one training please feel free to contact me on my website


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  1. Hi Diane, 
    did you run into the issue of having duplicated IDs while checking a page created with this hack in W3C validator? Duplicated IDs are given as errors in the validator and this should be avoided.

  2. Hey, I used the content block and not the image block because I want to be able to add a post and have that block fill in automatically. I wouldn't be able to do that with the image block. Does that make sense?

  3. Thanks for the reminder, haven't touched my headway site in such a long time, and its been ages since I did the content block hack. I'll be using this and your custom posts types tut to help me set up my portfolio site once again.

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