Complete Shopify Facebook Ads Tutorial For Facebook Marketing

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In this full length video I go over a complete Shopify Facebook Ads Tutorial. I explain the entire process of facebook marketing through a simple easy to follow video split into 4 sections.

If you’re really new to Shopify and need help setting up a store, check out this tutorial:

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8 thoughts on “Complete Shopify Facebook Ads Tutorial For Facebook Marketing

  1. Thanks for sharing this valuable information my friend! It really helped me getting to understand all of the shenanigans over fb ads and even getting data to fb pixel as fast as possible is finally making more sense now with the trip wires. There's alot of tutorials and guides over yt but somehow your'e the only one making it sound sensible. So kudos and thanks for that mate!

    Just another thing I need help with if you can help me. I commented with a question on your very first tutorial on how to open a shopify store. If you please take the time and answer the few questions I have there I will be very grateful!

    Thanks again for your time and for sharing this valuable knowledge!

  2. hi

    Let sy my product price is $1.5 on aliexpress and I am selling this on my site in $15
    why people buy from me they buy from ebay or amazon in almost same price.

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