Compass Tutorials #1 – Installing Compass and Creating a new Project w/ Compass

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The first in a seriese of tutorials showing developers how to use the Compass CSS Authoring framework.

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21 thoughts on “Compass Tutorials #1 – Installing Compass and Creating a new Project w/ Compass

  1. Recently I have started watching tutorials on Meteor, Atom editor and now Compass. Everytime your face keeps popping up. Thanks very much. Very cool, high quality and easy to follow videos.

  2. …The thing I was looking for before I saw your videos is a trick to deal with columns with Drupal views. I want to display a views list or a grid in 2, 3 or 4 columns using zen-grid, sass or compass. If you have a clue I would be very happy to hear it.

  3. Thank you very much for those great tutorials! Sass and Compass is a good subject these days. I'm thinking of using Zen 7-X 5.1 in the near future. I wish I could have an example for managing the development of a Zen sub-theme with sass and compass.

  4. Man, I came here after seeing the compass sprites tutorials. Very nice tuts, 1080p is just awesome, your pacing is very nice. Congrats!

    I will watch all of them, keep the nice work!!

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