Classifieds WordPress Theme | Review of ClassiCraft Classifieds WordPress Theme

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This is a powerful highly flexible and optimized WordPress classifieds theme with great looking design. It has all the functions and more which are necessary to make a classified ads website which will make you money online on autopilot.

What makes it better than other classifieds software is that it is very easy to use both for the site owner and the members. The ad submission and ads management is simple. The whole functionality of them can be easily managed via the administration panel.

It has a beautiful easy to manage design and I think it looks better than other classified ads themes. In addition, it is a responsive classifieds theme so it works perfectly with all the mobile devices.

It also offers many features to make money with it,. You can sell featured ads places, ask fee for submission based on your criteria and it supports many advertising spaces…

4 thoughts on “Classifieds WordPress Theme | Review of ClassiCraft Classifieds WordPress Theme

  1. it had bugs in script. not being mean, just letting people know. YOU CAN NOT DO ANY LOCATIONS WITH THIS SCRIPT. Those minor bugs are not minor! And this script is NOT that flexable. I hired 3 programmers who all had trouble trying to fix it. I ended up not being about to use it… the dashbord acct gets stuck and users can not get back to main acct to edit post. When you update script categories, they do not go into search bar correctly. and pricing keeps going back to original price they put in it. that is my experience with this script. would love to give them good review however, the script has bugs. they know it and keep selling it. they need to fix it and then send people updates for the issues. that would be honest thing to do. but people have right to know where the issues are. if they get it fixed, i love to will come back and let ya know.

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