Build a Contact Form In WordPress

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Learn how to build and create a contact form in wordpress. Also learn how to make the contact form be able to upload files.

26 thoughts on “Build a Contact Form In WordPress

  1. Greart video thanks! i have a questio though, i still don't got a host where i put my website on, i just started to learn wordpress on the locahost and it doesn't send me the mail from the form, is it ok or it's a problem that needs to be solved?

    thanks again

  2. Tyler this is Pete I solved one of the two issues I had (sent an email to you). I'm still working on issue #2. Thank you so much, but I still have so much to learn.

  3. I installed the plugin, copied and pasted the code in my contact page and updated it, but when I click "view page" I only see the code, no contact form. Anybody know why?

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