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In part one of our look at booking and calendar plugins for WordPress, we discuss the popular freemium plugin Booking Calendar. How do the free features stack up to the paid and how expensive does it get? How does the back end look? Find out in the video.


  1. 11:44 wrong. NO… IT DOES NOT! The dev says "click the calendar icon in visual editor and insert a form/calendar"…hmph! NO calendar to be seen at ALL! ,,,just a form!…you can do THAT without this plug lol !! don't waste your time with this piece of garbage plugin! even his page describing the codes to insert a calendar do NOT solve the problem. the shortcodes are broke with my version of WP? > 4.3.1…a total waste of time folks. It's junk.

  2. Hi Guys, I'm looking for a multi customer, multi consultant (owning their own business, managing their own calendar) Calendar Booking plugin. Do you know if such plugin exists?

  3. Hi guys am looking to design my own website by using word press for teaching CPR as an instructor.
    So my students would need to go on line to book there class day and pay for it through Paypal. I can only have a class of 9
    students, do word press have something that can do that. This will be my business

  4. My problem is that I want a calender with a price per day instantly visable when you open the calender, I have the booking calender pro, paid for, but I can only work out how to make the price visable below the calender when they have clicked the start and end dates of their holiday…its a real problem because no one wants to book a holiday without seeing the prices first…can you help???

  5. i am doing a transportation/travel booking website. i used woocommerce to add each tour as a product and then use production variations to change the prices based on number of persons and pick up locations. i then used woocommerce product add-on to add fields for pickup date and time

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