Best Landing Page Plugin WordPress – 2016

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More Details: and check out the landing page plugin I now use ( after trying them ALL!)

Man I have to tell you that as an internet marketer – both when I started out and now that I’m doing OK – there was one thing, in hindsight, that was/is pivotal and that’s the Landing Page or Optin Page that I send my traffic to.

The fact is that it took me a while to get my head around the reality of grabbing somebody’s email in return for giving them something relevant and, hopefully, cool!

To invest in an autoresponder was a big deal for me initially too. But the fact is that it was necessary – what’s the point of a landing page or optin page if you don’t have a way to collect the leads? I use Getresponse ( again after trying 3 others).

I’ve built landing pages with both themes such as OptimizePress, Profit Builder, Plugins like Instabuilder and online apps such as Landing Page Monket and Profit canvas. They all work fine but it wasn’t until I started using the…

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