Best Free WordPress Quiz / Survey Plugins [2015]

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If you’re searching for a good free wordpress survey plugin – it’s almost impossible to find something that is worth your time. Most plugins out there are full of bugs and have no support.

However – I’ve tried to do my best in weeding out the crappy ones and I’m showing you here how you can create easy survey or quiz for your wordpress website.

I’m giving you two options (as always) so you can decide for yourself which one will work for you better.

I know you hate watching 10 videos which are showing one plugin.

3 thoughts on “Best Free WordPress Quiz / Survey Plugins [2015]

  1. Thanks! really helpful. I'm after a plug in that will allow users to see how well they are doing when answering quizzes, just so the users can know how they are doing during the quiz.. any thoughts?

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