Beaver Builder Review – WordPress Front End Page Builder

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Beaver Builder Review – WordPress Front End Page Builder
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Live, Front End Editing

What you see is what you get! Beaver BuilderÔÇÖs intuitive page builder works in real time on the front end of your page. No more guesswork.

Mobile Friendly / Responsive

As long as you’re using a responsive theme, any page built with Beaver Builder will be totally responsive.

Translation Ready

Support for the popular WPML translation plugin has been baked into Beaver Builder’s core for international users.

WooCommerce Support

Beaver Builder plays great with WooCommerce. It’s never been easier to design a storefront.

Works With Almost Any Theme

Need a page builder for Genesis, Divi, Woothemes, or Ultimatum? The Page Builder plugin works with almost any theme.

Multisite Capable

Our Pro & Agency packages both support multisite installs. Our Agency package features a network-wide control panel so you can white-label & configure Beaver Builder…

29 thoughts on “Beaver Builder Review – WordPress Front End Page Builder

  1. Hi there,
    thanks for the review!

    I have a quick question, at 21:00 you talk about a combination of a Studio Press Theme + Beaver Builder + another thing I can`t understand ­čÖé I am not a native english speaker, so maybe you can quickly write down what that second thing is you mentioned?!

    And how is your experience with these mentioned tools in the last months since you posted that video? Do you still use them? Or did you change anything?´╗┐

  2. Thanks, I have been looking at Beaver builder for some time but this video has given me a good insight on what it is capable of. Like you I use Thrive content builder and shall appreciate some advise with regard to thrive content builder's capability of doing row sections like Beaver builder with background images and text on the row. I do not see that facility on Thrive content builder on its own. Sections are available when you use Thrive Landing pages and with Thrive leads. The only way to use sections in Thrive themes or when you use a landing page. I keep away from thrive themes and using Thrive Landing pages entails more work because you can not use the styling of the theme and you would need to create header and menu bar. Please can you advise how I can use sections without using landing pages or changing my builder to Beaver builder.´╗┐

  3. Thank you for this video! Can I ask you? I have a free version of Beaver Builder and my page in Google Chrome looks pretty nice, but it is not working in Internet Explorer and Mozilla.. Do you know why? Thanks…. :)´╗┐

  4. Thanks for the video! I love the look of BeaverBuilder. I just have one question.
    Does BeaverBuilder slows the site loading speed? there is an option to save html to DB to make it fast?´╗┐

  5. If I have say, 5 different websites on different hosts and separate backoffice, could iIl have my Beaver Builder on all them? or would I have to buy beaver builder for each website?´╗┐

  6. Could you also help me learn how to make the ads on my blog, Post Mobile friendly (made with beaver builder…Tesseract theme) the ads make the mobile sites footer only half the page and the text and pictures are only half the page as well..only when the ads are put in..the way i put the ads code in is through a text box from the content block and i have some thought the tool text box..thanks for the help´╗┐

  7. I am so glad I ran across your video. It's awesome of you to do reviews like this because I was about to purchase a template, but decided to just follow the steps of building my own site with tessaract II and while you're following the instructions it goes into beaver builder. Well I realized I needed to purchase it and was upset because I had a lot of building I had done so far. And I didn't want to put out anymore money, but thanks to your video, it looks like this would be a good investment and worth it. Thank you for walking us through step by step on how to use it and how user friendly it is, It's people like me who look forward to the reviews. Relying on it so we know where something is worth the purchase. I look forward to more of your video's.´╗┐

  8. Hey thanks for the video! I have a question though, I'm trying to get the Aweber to work without manually putting in my sign-up form on every page? And more importantly how do you use the lightbox feature, even manually, between the Beaver Builder plug-in and the WP and Aweber? I can't get it to work because of how you have to install it on WP because B.P.B. and the Text box seem to be opposing each other? Any help you could provide would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance.´╗┐

  9. Question on changing the Theme Typography in the new Tesseract 2. I am following the same steps that were listed in Tesseract 1 but I can not seem to get it to work. Does the Beaver Builder somehow disable that feature?´╗┐

  10. You really help me a lot. I am trying to build my first website with tessaract ll with Beaver builder and so far it is not going to bad. thank you so much for the video, but one thing try to slow down a little please for us beginners´╗┐

  11. Hi again WPcrafter I bought the Builder and I'm enjoining a lot. Although I didn't buy the theme. May you suggest a free theme with good compatibility with BB? Thank you!´╗┐

  12. I stumble across this video and while I like it very much…I have a concern…it seems to have partnered with the Genesis framework, but will it work with other themes Avada? or Divi?´╗┐

  13. I liked the review, clear and skeptical.

    I'm just not clear if the templates come with the standard $99 version or with the Pro $199 version. Could you leave a comment to let me know. It seems like a stupid thing not to be able to figure out, but I can't see it.´╗┐

  14. After watching your video I took a risk and bought the plugin. So far I'm impressed as to how simple and user friendly it is. It saves you a lot of time and is worth the investment. Thanks for the video.´╗┐

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