Basic JavaScript For Beginners – Lecture 2: Console

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Basic JavaScript Development For Beginners – Introduction to JavaScript Development
Lecture 3: Log and Alert:

Series Introduction to JavaScript Development – UDEMY
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Section: 2 – Developer Tools
Lecture 2: Console

JavaScript (also known as JS) is one of the core pillars in developing for the modern web. It allows you to define how users can interact with your applications on the client-side and can also be used to define the server code.

Javascript is one of the major components of building web applications. We have HTML for deciding what the content is, we have CSS to decide what the content looks like, and then we have JavaScript to provide interactivity to our users.

JavaScript is still a programming language, so in this course we’ll introduce you to the basics and show you how to get started integrating JS in your applications!

What You’ll…

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