Add Product Variations and Color or Image Swatches in WooCommerce

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We will add a product with 4 different color variations.

Initially we will use only the product variation handling that ships with WooCommerce. We will demonstrate how the product variations work within WooCommerce.

Secondly, we will add the Variation Swatches and Photos plugin so we can add a color swatch customers can use to select product colors of their choice. You will often see these at large retailer sites. You can now have color swatches on your site.

The Variations Color Swatches & Photos plugin is only $10. You can get it here:

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4 thoughts on “Add Product Variations and Color or Image Swatches in WooCommerce

  1. I am looking for this solution but have a question:
    I have many products, each having about 25-35 different prints (swatches) so I would add images instead of color.
    Is there a limit in space or capacity to having 34 swatches? Thanks so much for your videos! I subscribed :-)

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